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Sat Nov 9 12:00:48 GMT 2002


     Lawyers for >Woodside<  caravan
park are working this weekend to prepare
for an appeal against a High Court decision
refusing a stay on the injunction granted to
Mid Beds Council to close the site.

     If the papers can be completed by
Tuesday (12 Nov), residents at >Woodside<,
who successfully resisted eviction this week,
will be safe until 22 November.

    "We are keeping are fingers crossed," said
Cliff Codona, chairman of the National 
Travellers Action Group. "This has become a

     Meanwhile, a fresh planning application
in respect of the Front Field area of >Woodside<,
comprising plots 1, 2 and 3, will be heard at
Biggleswade council offices on Tuesday. Success
for this plan could help residents and occupiers
of the rear section.

     For all supporters of >Woodside<, especially
those who literally put their bodies on the line on
4 November, this is heartening news. It looks like
a full three weeks has been gained by the combined
efforts of residents, supporters and lawyers.

    Some members of Mid Beds Council, which 
opens its meetings with a prayer for "the more
vunerable members of our society", will surely be
loath to try another full-scale eviction - shortly
before Christmas.

     Support for >Woodside< is still growing.
Anyone who would like to add their name and
number (and emaill address) to the RED ALERT
list can send an email or phone 01206 523 528
(mornings please).

     Cliff knows the support groups are ready
to help out again, if needed. Similar protest action
maybe called for at other sites under threat of closure
including those at Basildon, Brent and Nuneaton.

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