Key Mid-Beds Council officer in denial over his role in Romany eviction

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Mon Nov 11 19:40:21 GMT 2002

Reply from Mark Hustwitt, the Press Officer of Mid-Beds Council. Note that he does not deny our statement that he has worked closely with a solitary local resident who has single-handedly lobbied the council to successfully evict the Romany Gypsy families from their home.

>From Mark Hustwitt <Mark.Hustwitt at>
Can I correct information on your site:
(You said):
"Mark Hustwitt, recently appointed the council's head of Public
>> sorry I've been here ten years 

" he has taken a leading role against the Romanies in this whole saga".
>>I am only the lead officer on communications and Cliff Codona and I shook hands a recently as a week ago, my personal relations with him have been fine 

"Rather than acting as an impartial arbiter between the council and the press, he is helping co-ordinate a campaign against the Romanies. 
>> sorry, I am impartial. There is no campaign. 

"This is particularly worrying since he is chairman of the Mid-Beds branch of UNISON, the Trade-Union representing Local Government & Public Sector workers. His highly partial role in this saga seems entirely at odds with UNISON membership's official support for travellers rights. 
>> many of our planning officers are in Unison too & we all uphold the rights given to all under law, but we also recognise that planning law also has its place
Could you please correct the information as I'm not leading any
campaign but merely communicating council policy to the public. My role
in unison is irrelevant. At least take out the recently joined bit, it
makes you look silly.

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