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[Fwd: Seize The Day - Radio 3 poll]

Seize the Day fans, vote now...

Seize The Day - Please Vote for Us to Win - We have made it into the BBC
Radio 3 World Music Audience Awards FINALS

 Dear Friends,
 Thanks to the many votes put forward by you all in the first round of
 voting, we are delighted to announce Seize The Day have made it into the
 four of the eighty bands originally nominated for the BBC Radio 3 World
 Music Audience Awards. Now we're asking our friends and activist-networks
 put the word out for us everywhere, and vote one more time - If we win the
 award, it will show just how huge the movement for change has become, and
 turn gain more exposure for our campaigns.

So please follow this link to the BBC Radio 3 web-site and click on REGISTER
 in order to vote for Seize The Day.

To vote in the final round they ask you to register with the BBCi, which
 involves making up a username and password and giving any email address -
 takes 10 seconds, then you can vote!

...and PLEASE forward voting request to friends, family, cats parent and
 everyone you have ever met or are about to meet.  If you have a web site -
 please link to us.

Seize The Day are an environmental activist band who campaign for social
 justice, a GMO free world, peace and all sorts of good causes.  If they win
 award, it will show just how huge the movement for change has become.  If
 you would like to know more about the band and read their lyrics,  you can
 check out
If  you want to hear their music, there are five Seize
 The Day songs on the Radio 3 web site.

Voting closes on Feb 13th.
 Good On Ya.  See you this summer.

Louise :-) on behalf of,
seizetheday_collective at

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