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To all Chiapas solidarity groups in support of the EZLN in Europe 

Dear brothers and sisters, 
The Madrid Aguascalientes keeps on walking, that is walking with all 
The Aguascalientes is a bridge and an ear and that is how we have 
learnt that 
the EZLN has breached the silence they have maintained in the last 
months of 
their honourable struggle for freedom, justice and democracy. We have 
to the proposals that our Zapatista brothers and sisters from Mexico 
have sent 
in the last few weeks and we have made them ours. We understand that 
proposals are a fundamental challenge that must be understood in a 
context and must be taken on by every person and every movement who 
closely the Zapatista adventure and who fight for democracy in Europe 
against permanent global war and Neoliberalism. 

We believe that a Zapatista delegation's trip to Europe constitutes a 
opportunity for the European Zapatistas to get together, with one 
another and 
with other movements determined to denounce and fight against the 
imposition of 
a permanent logic of war as the new form of governance and 
domination. We would 
like you to take the Zapatista proposals as yours so that we can all 
together in order to build the encounter with the EZLN. We believe 
that the 
peaceful legal ways to fight for the Law of Indigenous Rights and 
Culture have 
been exhausted in Mexico. The threat of imminent military action 
against the 
communities in Montes Azules proves once again the Government's will 
to provoke 
a military solution to the conflict. All these are elements of the 
situation of global permanent war that we suffer as a normalized form 
governance and domination by those who have the power. In the face of 
situation we deem it essential that those who are trying to do 
Zapatismo in 
Europe speak up in order to denounce what is happening and counter 
the war 
logic. We must search in dialogue not just a way to solve conflicts 
but also a 
way to point out the imperious need for rebellion and disobedience in 
As a way of realizing the Zapatista proposal, the Madrid 
Aguascalientes has 
launched a Manifesto for the Word, which has been signed already by 
intellectuals, academics and artists. This Manifesto, which can be 
accessed in 
our web page, can still be signed by any person, famous or not, who 
wishes to 
join in the initiative launched by the Zapatistas from Mexico. 
Moreover, on 
Sunday 22nd December 2002 the Civil Forum for the Word started 
walking, as a 
response by the Madrid Aguascalientes to the Zapatista proposals. As 
a way of 
preparing the Lanzarote encounter in April, the Aguascalientes 
launched a 
proposal to European civil society to create Civil Forums for the 
Word wherever 
possible, with the aim of discussing and debating two questions: 
1. How can we prepare and build the encounter proposed by the 
Zapatista Army of 
National Liberation (EZLN) for next April in Lanzarote (Canary 
2. How can we to live and construct rebellion at the time of 
permanent global 
war without rebellion becoming war? 
>From the Madrid Aguascalientes we would like to encourage you to 
promote this 
process of creation of Civil Forums for the Word in your territory 
and in 
whichever spaces you have access to. 
These Forums can register in the web page of the Madrid 
www.aguascalientesmadrid.org so that it serves as a bridge and means 
communication between them. 
Likewise, the Madrid Aguascalientes calls upon the Civil Forums for 
the Word to 
hold a meeting in Madrid on the 15th and 16th of February 2003, in 
order to 
share the responses to the questions posed and in order to walk 
together in the 
preparation of the Lanzarote encounter. You are all included in this 
and we would very much like it if you could attend and join in each 
step of the 
organisation of the Lanzarote encounter. Those dates are important. 
First, it 
is the seventh anniversary of the signing of the San Andrés Accords. 
On the 
other hand, the European Social Forum held in Florence agreed to 
carry out 
mobilisations throughout Europe against the war on Saturday the 15th 
We would suggest that the meeting of Civil Forums for the Word in 
Madrid had a 
strictly operative character, as a first step to coordinate between 
the various 
groups and movements in Europe towards the construction of the 
encounter with 
the EZLN next April in Europe. An attendance of one or two people per 
will more likely be enough to generate a useful and productive 
Shortly, we will call upon the Zapatista groups and movements across 
Europe to 
mobilise on the 14th February as a day of direct actions of civil 
demanding the implementation of the San Andrés Accords and in support 
of the 
EZLN. We hope you will respond to this call and walk it in your 

A rebel embrace, 


Madrid Aguascalientes 
Madrid, Europe, Planet Earth, January 2003 
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