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Subject: Denied Award?

Dear Friend, I am sorry to tell you that "Seize The Day" have been
from the Radio 3 Awards, because of what the BBC call "voting
This means that thousands of your votes for us have been discounted because,
in their words, we have turned it into a "political contest". At no time did
BBC see fit to contact us or tell us what they didn't like about our
for votes. The first we knew was when we visited their web-site last night,
and discovered they had taken us off. Neither have they been prepared to
consider simply discounting the recent votes they dissapproved of, and
what was left. Clearly we were winning, but in their words this had become
anti-war campaign and the BBC could not tolerate that "in the current
"This is intended to be a musical award.... not motivated and organised for
political reasons..." -

You don't win prizes for singing to stop War!

Having featured on the Peace Not War album which has sold around 8 thousand
copies in Europe, we have simply made sure that people who like the song
"united states" knew they could vote for us. We believe some one has put
pressure on them from above, to prevent us rightfully winning an award for
singing passionately about current human concerns...

Well, we intend to put pressure on them from below! If you are not happy
about having your vote for us discounted, we'd encourage you to contact BBC
radio 3 by phone and email.
We'd especially encourage you to tell them any impressive proffessional
credentials you have etc. Also to make it clear why you supported our

The number is 08700 100 300. Ask to speak to someone from Radio 3. Roger
Wright R3 controller, Stephen Whittle Head of Editorial Policy, Tessa Watts,
alex webb. The other number is - Talia Hull on 0207 765 4934.

The email addresses are: <A
tID=243128192154035086184171213248053040098048234051209193191">alex.webb at bbc</A>
hort at</A> (Please send blind carbon-copies - bcc - to Seize The
Day at this address).

seizetheday at

HELP! WE NEED A LAWYER! love and faith, Theo.

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