Fylingdales: MOD obstructs PROWs & guilty of Unauthorised occupation of Forestry Commission land

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24th February 2003 
Re: Fylingdales Ballistic Missile Early Warning Station: unlawful obstruction 
of Public Rights of Way: unauthorised occupation of Forestry Commission land: 

For several months we have pursued investigation into, and objected to the fact 
that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has unlawfully obstructed Public Rights of 
Way (PROW) and encroached beyond the Base boundary, onto land owned by the 
Forestry Commission. Dr Moonie now acknowledges that Fylingdales has acquired 
land from the Forestry Commission. We have learned that it is the intention of 
the MoD to fell woodland, part of Dalby Forest at Ellerbeck Head (map ref: 
SE868966) for security reasons. The Secretary of State for Defence, Geoff Hoon, 
recently assured local people that Fylingdales would require no further intake 
of land. 

We believe that our complaints are relevant to all Defence Lands. For example 
we have learned that the PROW at RAF Lakenheath has been closed using the 
powers of the Defence Act 1842. We believe this Act has been repealed by 
implication because the procedure for closure of rights of way is authorised by 
the Military Lands Act 1892. 

In addition we have objected to the MoD's contravention of Article 8, Human 
Rights Act 1998, by the practice of maintaining covert closed-circuit TV camera 
surveillance of the countryside surrounding the Fylingdales and Menwith Hill 
Bases, thus encroaching on the privacy of citizens to enjoy the rural amenity. 
A current Planning Application for a further 3 cameras mounted on 8.0m poles at 
Fylingdales has been submitted to the North York Moors Planning Department. 
Our enquiries are still in progress. We await reply from the North York Moors 
National Park Chief Planning Officer, Mrs Val Dilcock. 

We are not satisfied with the response of the Ministry of Defence. We should 
like to pursue the matter to a satisfactory remedy, but do not have the 
resources, e.g. to take legal action. 
Anne Lee pp WoMenwith women 

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