West Papua: Solidarity, support, telephone direct action urgently needed

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Subject: terrible news and film evidence from the Highlands of WP  


Following terrible news and film evidence received from the Highlands 
of West Papua, I am sending this mail to ask you for help. Already 
children have starved to death and innocent people have been tortured 
and killed by the Indonesian military, villagers are homeless and 
those that have survived have lost everything. We really really need 
your help to stop the situation escalating into an even worse 
catastrophe. I have made a short film to explain the situation (see 
link below) and ask you please to help if you possibly can.
thank you

Please help send direct aid to the highlands of West Papua.

1000 people are still scared to return to their villages in the 
highlands of Papua following the recent military operation in the 
area. The TNI are still occupying the villages and have burnt many 
houses, schools and gardens, destroying everything the people posses, 
including their crops which they rely on to eat.

Most of the women and children have now made it to safer villages but 
the majority of the men remain in the jungles monitoring the 
situation in their own villages. There are severe food shortages as 
many of the gardens have been burnt and people dare not return to 
those that are still under TNI occupation. At least sixteen people 
have died in the operation, some shot by the TNI (Indonesian 
Military), some burnt alive in their houses whilst others have died 
from starvation and exposure whilst hiding in the jungle.

We are going to send aid direct to the area, to give to the families 
of those who have been killed, to help rebuild houses that have been 
burnt and to buy desperately needed food. Please help and send what 
you can. There is a film report from the area online at this link


you will need to have real player installed to watch it.
has real player 8 available for download free.

To donate:
Online, please use credit or debit cards via PayPal at
http://www.fpcn-global.org/general/donate.php (please also send an
accompanying email stating that your donation is for supporting the 
victims of TNI in highlands of West Papua) 
Send cheques made payable to KSAS (Koteka Solidarity and Support) to 
c/o SDEF, 6 Tilbury Place, Brighton, BN2 2GY
Make a bank transefer to:
A/C Name: KSAS, Sort Code: 070093
A/C No: 33333334, Ref No: 0346 / 703 572 995
Branch Address: Nationwide Brighton London Road,
104 London Road, Brighton,

In May we sent a small amount of money to some of the victims' 
families and the thank you that came back was overwhelming. They said 
that the highland people had never been helped like this before. 
However, since the exodus from the villages like Kwiawagi the 
situation has got much worse. Let's keep up this support so that the 
koteka people can stay strong and continue their struggle for freedom!

For more info about the situation in Wamena, please see:


You can also help by participating in a concerted

To the best of our knowledge there are only two non-TNI prisoners 
still being held in connection with the Wamena gun theft on 4th 
April. They are:

Kanius Murib               48        being held in Kodim 1702 (army
custody), Wamena.

Mikael Heselo              32        being held in Polda (police 

We want to have a push to show solidarity for these prisoners. Kanius 
has been held in army custody since early April, the same place where 
his family member Yapenas Murib was killed by the TNI. Mikael Heselo 
was badly beaten on arrival in Polda.

The best way we have discovered to get to the authorities concerned 
is to have a large telephone campaign. If as many of us as possible 
telephone over the next week, it is likely that this will get through 
to the prisoners and they will feel our support. It can also help to 
improve their conditions and chances of fair treatment or even push 
early release. So please phone.

The numbers to ring are:
KODIM (TNI) Office in Wamena: +62 969 31089

POLDA:                      +62 967 533763 or 531717
Prison Cells Polda:        +62 967 531830
Intelligence Polda:         +62 967 531829

The most important thing is to say their names a lot!

Information for phoning:
You can phone Indonesia from UK for 15p per minute by first dialling 
0905 306 0197, then the international number.

They are 8.5 hours ahead of the UK, so it's daytime there around 
midnight or first thing in the morning from UK. However the phone 
will be answered 24 hours so just ring when you can.

The most important thing is just to say their names a lot, even if 
they don't understand English, and make it clear you are phoning from 

Some Indonesian phrases you can use (pronunciation guide in brackets):
Saya telepon tentang . (Sy-ar telepon tentang..) - I am telephoning 
Hati hati (Harti harti) - Be careful
Kami jaga lihat anda sekarang. (Karmee jargar leehat anda seykarang) -
 We are watching you now 
Saya dari Inggris. (Sy-yar dary Ingrees) - I am from England
Kamu pratikan baik kesehatan mereka, minum, makan dan keselamatan 
mereka. (Karmu prateekan bike kay-say-hartan meraykar, minum, makan 
dan kay-selamtan meraykar) - Treat them well, give food, water and 
look after them)
Kami tahu apa yang lakukan di lembaga. (Karmee tarhoo apa yang 
larkookan dee lembarga) - We know what you do in the prison
Kami adalah teman mereka. (Karmee ard-ar-lar tayman meraykar) - We are
their friends

Papua Merdeka! - Free Papua

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