GeneWatch on GM Nation? the Governments public debate on GM crops and food

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>From GeneWatchUK
There is much controversy around the Government backed GM Nation? 
public debate. Not least that the Government won't pay any attention 
to its outcomes, or that it will twist the results to its own ends. 
However, many groups working to stop the commercialisation of 
genetically modified crops feel people must get involved else the 
Government will simply say no one cares. Even worse those working for 
industry and supporting GM will have their say and then the 
Government will use the debate to fully commercialise GM crops. The 
GeneWatch UK website has a section dedicated to the 
website, describing how to get involved (both nationally and locally) 
and also looking critically at how the debate has developed. 
GeneWatch UK  
The GM Debate - GeneWatch Issue Papers

Make sure you have your say about the future of GM crops and food in 
the UK

GeneWatch is producing a series of issue papers to help you explore 
some of the questions and issues that exist around GM crops and food. 
Click on a title below to view the full text.

Don't forget the main food and agriculture section of the GeneWatch 
website also contains many resources such as our briefings that will 
help you explore the issues in the meantime.

Core Issue Papers (accessed from the GeneWatch website -  ):

GM Crops: Environmental Saviour or New Form of Pollution?
(Microsoft Word document 39kb) 

GM Crops and Food: Good for Your Health? 
(Microsoft Word document 40kb) 

GM Food: Your Right to Choose?
(Microsoft Word document 38kb) 

GM Crops: Bringing Hope to the Starving?
(Microsoft Word document 38kb) 

Can GM and Non-GM Farming Co-exist in the UK?
(Microsoft Word document 44kb) 

Who Should Pay if Things Go Wrong with GM Crops and Food?
(Microsoft Word document 45kb) 

GM Animals: Do The Ends Justify The Means?
(Microsoft Word document 41kb) 

GM Research: Who Decides?
(Micorsoft Word document 42kb) 

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