Gypsy Family in Caravan Effigy Burned by Viscount

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Tue Nov 4 22:06:14 GMT 2003

Gypsy Family in Caravan Effigy Burned by Viscount
Roma Federation, 04.11.2003 20:34

Viscount Henry Gage took a leading part in the burning of an effigy 
of a Gypsy family, including small children, burned before a large 
crowd shouting "Burn them, burn them" at a bonfire 'celebration' in 
East Sussex, England, recently.

This blatant act of incitement to racial hatred has been condemned by 
the Commission for Racial Equality. But pressure is needed to ensure 
that the police and Crown Prosecution Service follow through with the 
arrest and charging of Viscount Gage and other members of the Firle 
Bonfire Society. 

Please aid your complaint and protest by emailing:  
beryl.bacon at sussex.police uk 

The pictures shows the caravan being burned: 
Pic 1: 
Pic 2: 

 e-mail: ustiben.2 at 

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