Brithdir Mawr - Should the Roundhouse be pulled down?!?

Rowan ladyrowan100 at
Sun Nov 23 12:31:24 GMT 2003


"The 'lost tribe' of Wales 
Brithdir Mawr in Pembrokeshire, West Wales is home to a small 
community who have rejected many of the trappings of modern day life 
in favour of living off the land and relying on natural resources. 
For years the community lived in isolation on a 165-acre site of 
farm and woodland. That was until they were spotted by a survey 
plane and became known as the 'lost tribe' of Wales.

John Craven meets members of the Brithdir Mawr community and finds 
out about their their aim to become self-sufficient. Meanwhile 
Michaela Strachan learns how the community coppice their wood and 
meets a woman who has opted for a spartan life in a straw hut.

Since the village was first noticed in 1998, Pembrokeshire Coast 
National Park has insisted the community's turf roofed roundhouse be 
pulled down. The eco-villagers say it's in harmony with the local 
environment but the park authority argue it was built without 
permission and contravenes strict planning regulations.

Give your views on the future of the Brithdir Mawr roundhouse in a 
phone vote: 

If you think the house should be ALLOWED, call 0900 1 800 311. 

If you think the house should be DEMOLISHED, call 0900 1 800 322. 

Calls cost 10p and the lines are open until noon on Monday 24 
November. Results in the 30 November show."

Have a look at this link loads of info on the 
community, including photos.
I don't know why the authorities are so frightened of this way of 
life - the homes are far less destructive to the environment than 
conventional ones and isn't that what the authorities say they want 
these days, sustainable development?  Maybe there's not enough money 
to be made.
I don't suppose for one moment these communitites would get planning 
permission if they applied in the usual way, before building, so 
this appears to be the only way they can do it. Other communities 
have eventually got planning permission for their homes, and maybe 
this one can be saved too if there's enough public support for it.
I don't know what else we can do yet except make that phone call - 
hopefully they'll take notice of the result, but as the lines are 
only open till tomorrow lunchtime (Monday) there's not much time.  
Please feel free to post this elsewhere (if I've not got there 
first - I'll be doing the rounds before getting back to me sickbed!) 

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