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Mon Oct 27 07:51:30 GMT 2003

see particularly no. 10 - Tony

1.  Do unto others before they do it unto you. Beggar thy neighbor 
and trade their employments without offset, tariff, or compensation 
to secure a bountiful profit from the greater slave. Engage the most 
authoritarian of regimes and let no morality, nor powers of the vast 
majority, interfere with the greater profits to be had from 
preserving disparities and all the powers of predation enjoyed by the 

2.   In all things, see that your capital-defined Efficiency shall 
remain the only god, and let no morality, freedom nor ecological 
concern  interfere  with your divine right to profit and enclose for 
your benefit.

3.  Thou shalt make money and power thy only god and pursuit, and not 
suffer any foolish idleness opening one to other occupations or 
dangerous revelations.

4.   To secure thy power, thou shalt not let the people own or 
control their central banks - despite constitutional purse powers to 
the contrary - for debt money is the central power and motive force 
before which all others pale and remain impotent.

5.   Thou shalt seek to own and control all media and news 
dissemination agencies.   Let not any editor be elected lest the 
people influence  what they see, hear and read.  Let all books, 
media, and education grow our values exclusively.  Let not any 
fairness doctrine nor any notion of labor-capital "factor" balance 
interfere with this, our grand design.

6.    In all things, thou shalt make Growth and per-capita ruin thy 
only gods, and defeat Balance at every turn. Thou shalt see that 
humanity endlessly multiplies. Let no balance of population arise 
which might serve to pass on the same quantum of freedom, earthly 
space, natural right and pleasure even to thine own children - as 
this would destroy our precious and profitable Growth.

7.    In all things, thou shalt resist Balance, and both factor and 
gender equity for I, your male SkyGod, have told you so.

8.  Let no freely communal or cooperative emerge, nor non-profit 
venture succeed - for such competition is to be feared and 
prohibited.  Privative everything and control the reigns of power so 
the vast majority own no debt-free estate or may access any means 
with which they might secure their domestic freedom, independence, 
and democracy.

9.   Let Nature's wild realm be conquered and set to your profit 
purposes. Patent and own nature's pharmacopeia. Change the nature of 
animals and humans alike to serve your ends. Render off limits those 
fertile lands and plants by which the masses might enjoy leisure, 
acquire natural freedom, secure refuge from our Free Market, or 
stumble upon revelations of a non-egoic, cooperative,  and spiritual 

10.  Let enclosure reign, for the landless and dependent are fodder 
for thy greater objectives. Let our Interdependency forever be 
mediated by the rich and powerful, and secured in the name of an 
Efficiency serving our ends alone. Seek to destroy any remnants of 
natural freedom, commonwealth, and domestic independence. Let our 
Free Market of neo-slavery prevail and thy will profit beyond one's 
wildest dreams.

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