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die capatalism, live anarchy!


Knowing nothing else but the lost longing for freedom, people submit and obey, in body and mind. Becoming citizens working for the existence of the capitalist empire i.e., their own gradual socio-personal self-destruction. The citizens of the western world must immediately change themselves if they want to save themselves and the world. Women and men left or right must revolt and rebel against the system that enslaves you and the rest of the people. 
The people of the world are the direct victims of the capitalist military economic system. This must be destroyed and people altered consciously towards a more intelligent existence. 
Lets tell the people only the truth and they will soon realize that the way they are living is not really living but some sort of mean survival. Living became a fake pretence and lots of suffering in the name of democracy for the rich only leading always to tragic consequence on a massive scale. 
The people suffer and pretend, pretend and suffer until they explode, usually very negatively. Imploding internally in the form of psycho-emotional crises resulting from a prolonged indoctrination and which without money becomes very violent – state and private permanent violence. 
To end violence capitalism must go and with it all its religions and businesses, the termination of the crime against humanity in the name of profit and empire mentality. 
Instead we will create a world without capital – without dog eat dog relations for survival but human dignity. 
The major obstacle to revolution is the pervasiveness of the ideological rationalization of capitalism. The extent of this rationalization is deep-seated. Its roots are intertwined with the accepted, conventional modes of thought and the semi-consciousness of the people. Thus, they are located in the false patriotism and racism that sinks deeply in the traditions, values and even aesthetics of the cultural environment – an environment evolved over decades/centuries during which self-designated ‘superior’ class assumed the right to penetrate and dominate ‘inferior’ classes. 

These roots are also buried in the sophisticated theorems of left and right economics, sociology, political science, psychology, and history. For these reasons, citizens of a capitalist country who wish to understand capitalism must first emancipate themselves from the seemingly endless web of threads that bind them emotionally and intellectually to the capitalist condition. This is the most important task for the anarchist movement in the western world today – to assume the responsibility of being citizens of an empire that must be dismantled. All this means only one thing to stop behaving like a brainwashed empire civilian/slave and act as a great revolutionary anarchist. 

Capitalism is a disaster for humanity, it destroys society and the individual, it kills the living and wastes the planet, leaving behind a global devastation whilst accumulating their blood and sweat profits. This must be stopped and now, by resisting and participating in the eventual revolution to dismantle the capitalist empire/system and instead build a world of people living in equality and mutual coexistence. Look beyond while demolishing capitalism; look forward to a world without classes, without poor or rich, without governors and governed, without war and violence. 

We have the means and the know-how necessary for a quick revolutionary transformation from capitalism to post-economical (meta-economical) anarchism. Soon the people of the world will rise against their oppressors and capitalism; they will dismantle the armies and the police states. Soon the revolution will begin on a world scale – we are ready, its coming our way – so join it immediately or move away. The anarchic free masses are here to stay and become the future people of a different world – becoming fully conscious as human beings – living in a society without violence and oppression. 

Anarchy will also suit the presently rich, we will not kill them or confiscate their wealth, and on the contrary we will allow them to live amongst us as equals in all aspects of living. But they will not be able any more to profit from cheating or exploiting fellow being for their riches and domination. 

They will not be allowed any more to build a deceptive and exploitative state capitalist structure so they could cruelly rule the world from their fortified palaces. Democracy is good only for the rich, for the poor it is hardship and misery - a pure dictatorship = Democtatorship or communist individualist anarchic revolution. 

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