Hurrah! No more LVT on the Diggers list

Tony Gosling tony at
Sun Aug 29 18:40:50 BST 2004

Dear Diggers,

The idea that subsistence farmers should be taxed for the land they hold
is anathama to many on this list. As is the idea that a landowner should
have to force land into production which he'd rather leave fallow.

That we should be taxed for the earth we need to play on, build our homes
on, get fuel and raw materials from and grow our food on is abhorrent to
many. And can be seen the thin end of the wedge of the most vile economic

So it'll come as a great relief to many of us Diggers that those who
believe land tax is in any way related to the sort of land reform
envisioned by Gerrard Winstanley, William Everard and the other Diggers
back in 1649 have found somewhere else to discuss their 'economic miracle'

Winstanley called for nothing of the sort. He believed that land was the
source of our economic wealth and dignity and that by ensuring every
family, every individual in the country had access to land we, in this
nation and beyond, could begin an unstoppable wave of true security (not
the sort that locks and guns bring) which would sweep the land and the

He also believed that the buying and selling of anything should bring the
death penalty. Which may sound extreme... but he called buying and selling
the 'horrible cheating' which, of course, it is, with the monopolists of
oil, housebuilding and supermarkets eroding small busineses and exploiting
us for our basic human needs.

Gerrard Winstanley's vision was a simple one. A world without money and
with us all sharing the land which was and is a free gift to mankind which
ever way you look at it.

Taxing land in Britain today would be an unmitigated disaster. We already
have a farming crisis and as marginal land became a financial burden
farmers would be forced to sell to the wealthy, bringing about even more
yuppification of the countryside. But maybe I should be discussing this on
the new list for those turned on by LVT.


From: <davewetzel at>

I'm emailing to inform you about the new Land Café where a lively discussion
about land related issues takes place and hopefully helps those of us
interested in land reform (especially land value taxation) to take better
informed and more appropriate action.

If you are interested in these issues - you are warmly invited to join us.

If you wish to join the Landcafé go direct to:

If you are already a member pls let me know as I should not have included
you in this mailing.

Dave Wetzel

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