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Jock Coats jock.coats at oxfordshirecommunitylandtrusts.org.uk
Sun Dec 5 21:50:27 GMT 2004

And that Community Land Trusts will likely be a main plank of Lib Dem 
housing policy and LVT/SVR is already policy (which is why Liverpool 
and Vale of White Horse/Oxfordshire have the two pilot studies going on 

However, I do still get the feeling that none of the parties, except 
perhaps the Greens, but not even them in my experience, appreciate 
quite how important land reform is - we are all special interest groups 
- LLC is not Labour Party as I understand it, ALTER is a Lib Dem party 
body but on the fringes as a lobby group.  I must confess to having 
thought several times about starting a separate party focussing purely 
on land and monetary reform though as its main policy.

Everyone is in that hell of bean counting and wanting to be the most 
efficient administrators of the Whitehall machine.  These big 
ideological debates need a focus as the central plank of a new 
democratic settlement, and we aren't up there on many people's 
horizons.  I find our economists are the worst, I have to say, pace 
present company if there are any in this group!  They say the right to 
ownership is a liberal thing.  What they can't see is that so very few 
of us actually have that right!


On 5 Dec 2004, at 19:11, Mark Brown wrote:

>  Apologies as James' previous message was empty.
>  What James may not know is that the good old Green Party as well
>  as the Labour Land Campaign already subscribes to much of what
>  he suggests.
>  I would add a rider that the Diggers believed a fair
>  distribution of land would precipitate the abolition of money so
>  they probably wouldn't have been into land tax.
>  Tony - 0117 944 6219
>  James Armstrong  20th July 2004     james36armstrong at hotmail.com

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