Common Voice, first issue out now!

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Wed Feb 4 17:19:40 GMT 2004

This is to let you know that the first issue of Common Voice , "an
Electronic Journal of Non-Market, Anti-State ideas" is out now.  You
can access it at

The journal is  published in association with the World in Common
group (  We hope to carry on with the valuable
work started by Frank Girard's popular Discussion Bulletin, which
sadly ceased publication last year. Like the 'DB', our aim is
twofold - firstly to give a voice to the 'thin red/black line' of the
anti-statist, anti-market political sector; and secondly to develop
the commonalities that unite the diverse strands of thinking within
our revolutionary sector.

With that in mind, we would like to invite individuals and groups
belonging to this sector to join our main on-line forum (at to discuss any issues
raised in this first  issue of Common Voice  or, indeed, to
particpate in a general discussion of ideas relevant to our sector

Can we also take this opportunity to point out that we are seeking
contributions - in the form of articles, letters, commentary, book
reviews, website links, poems, artwork etc. - for the next issue to
be published in May 2004. The deadline for receiving submissions to
this issue is April 1st, 2004.

For our second issue we have decided to go with an 'open theme.' This
means that basically we will consider all submissions that are
relevant to our political sector - anti-market, anti-state and anti-
vanguardist socialists, communists and anarchists. Some possible
topics of interest include (but are certainly not restricted to):

the potential for revolutionary transformation in the present;
the revolutionary potential of communes, intentional communities,
LETS, autonomous spaces etc.;
the relationship between feminism and socialism/communism/anarchism;
debates over 'historical materialism';
encouraging communication and co-operation between groups in our
political sector;
'free access' and a non-monetary system of production and
the anti-war movement;
debates over 'human nature';
what is 'class struggle'?;
the psychological/spiritual dimensions of revolutionary change;
reviews of popular music, art, TV shows, theatre etc.

Submissions can include original material written especially for
Common Voice or material that has already been published elsewhere
and that would benefit from a wider audience of groups in our sector.

We would prefer it if all submissions were made electronically where
possible - via e-mail or as a document file (Microsoft Word etc.) on
CD-ROM, floppy or zip disk, although we are also happy to accept
material that is typed or hand-written.

Finally, we would also be grateful to receive a brief description of
your organisation or group (if you belong to one) - along with a
contact address - to be included in our contacts page.
The standard 'form' for this information is available on
the 'contacts' page of the CV website - all you need to do is to
complete it!

Please submit all material to the address below. We look forward to
your contributions.

For a world in common,

The Editorial Team,
Common Voice
Box 44
Greenleaf Bookshop
82 Colston Street
Bristol, UK

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