Your email will help stop the diggers on the beach

soshayle mail at
Fri Feb 6 01:19:06 GMT 2004

Please support our campaign to save Hayle Beach, Cornwall by signing 
our petition and emailing a letter of support at

SOS Hayle is fighting to put an end to greedy developers who seem 
determined to dig up Hayle beach with mechanical shovels and truck 
and sell it off at vast profit to themselves and at great cost to the 
environment. After trying all the alternatives we now believe the 
only way to stop the destruction of the beach is to take it into 
public ownership.

By signing our petition and emailing your support you can help us 
make the authorities realise that they are being watched and people 
do not like what they are seeing and make them act.

SOSHayle has made good progress but despite winning a section 18 
Notice, designed to stop the destruction of the beach, the insatiable 
digging goes on, we need your help to stop it forever.

Is a minute of your time too much to ask to help us bring permanent 
protection to Hayle Beach?

Please visit our web site where you can sign 
read the background info and sign the petition.

Alternatively, you can sign our petition directly by visiting

and email your support to the following: (Copy the addresses below 
and paste them into the To: box in your email program)

mail at,Hayle_Town_Council at,simon.mansell,david.hooper at, 
jim.mckenna at, Michel.Tilmant at,Cornishmanedit at c-,wbnews at,stivestimes at

Please feel free to send this to all of your friends and colleagues 
and encourage them to do the same – the more people that sign – the 
more the pressure we can bring to save this small but beautiful part 
of our planet.

If you have any questions please contact us via our web site - or by email at either 
mail at or sos_hayle at

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