European Ecovillage Conference to discuss Roundhouse

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Tue Jul 13 10:52:17 BST 2004

European Ecovillage Conference to discuss Roundhouse - Tue 13th July 2004

The Annual General Assembly of the European Ecovillage Network (GEN
Europe) begins in Germany on Thursday 15th July. Ga03

High on the agenda will be the plight of Tony Wrench and the difficulties
he has faced from Pembrokeshire National Park's planning authority.

In the Ecovillage movement as a whole Tony's project is seen as one of the
best examples in Europe of design using local materials and the best of
old and new building methods and technology.

There appears to be resistance within certain parts of the establishment
to ecological building design - and planning legislation is only slowly
being revised to take sustainability on board. Sustainability has been
official govrenment policy now for almost ten years.

This has resulted in what are widely percieved to be inappropriate legal
sanctions as well as sympathetic scrutiny by the Welsh Assembly of the

Tony's case is seen by many across Europe as exemplifying establishment
resistance to integrated sustainable living and GEN Europe will be
discussing ways of ensuring that such world renowned design as seen at
Brithdir Mawr is given the national and international recognition it


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