Public Meeting (Thurs) RE: the Mottram/Tintwistle Bypass in the Peak District

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Tue Jul 13 15:17:01 BST 2004

Meeting with Peak District Park Authority - Object to the 
Mottram/Tintwistle Bypass
from: Little Em, 12.07.2004 22:51

A meeting has been arranged by the Peak District National Park 
Authority to enable local people to voice their concerns and 
objections to the proposed A628 Mottram/Tintwistle Bypass which will 
go through across open farmland, moorland, a local nature reserve, 
and a section of the Peak District National Park.

Locally, councillors and MPs are supporting the scheme and little 
publicity is being given to those who oppose the scheme. This is an 
opportunity for the Peak Authority to see first hand that there *is* 
opposition to the scheme and that it is not a done deal as 
councillors would have them believe. 

The meeting is to be held at Bradbury Meeting House in Glossop, on 
Thursday 15th July @ 7pm. There has been little/no publicity 
regarding the event, so please bring yourself and anyone else who 
opposes the proposed bypass, so that your objections and concerns can 
be heard. 

Info about the proposals, the proposed route, and results of the sham 
workshop exercise are available from the Highways Agency website:

See also site (a bit unreliable 

A new website providing info on the sites that will be demolished by 
the bypass and info on alternatives/contacts is in progress. 

Thanks alot. 
See you there. 


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