Local Landowner at 9 Ladies inviting public to visit his home

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Sun Mar 28 14:20:32 BST 2004

Coincidentally just at the same time that the Nine Ladies camp is threatened with eviction the landowner of the area has started putting out leaflets encouraging people to visit his home. 

Ref: http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2004/03/288009.html

Ref: http://www.nineladies.uklinux.net/

Posted to Indymedia 28.03.2004 :

Visit Haddon Hall

It's not surprising really since Lord Edward Manners only stands to make about £100 million for allowing Stancliffe Stone to quarry this beautiful area of the Peak District national park. 

To make up the shortfall from the 1st April he's inviting people to visit his home at Haddon Hall for only £7.25 per person. 

Of course if you want to help the Nine Ladies campaign look out Haddon Hall leaflets like this one. If you see some don't just take one, take all of them and hand out to your all your mates who are furious about the quarrying at Nine Ladies. This will automatically reduce the number of visitors to Haddon Hall and thus Edward's profits. 

You could get a group together and visit Haddon Hall and explain to other visitors why you're refusing to pay £7.25 to go in. Maybe have a banner, hand out leaflets explaining the connection with Haddon Hall and the planned destruction of the Peak District; encourage visitors to go to Nine Ladies instead and save some money. It may be their last chance! If they feel like it they might even want to donate some of the entry money they save to the anti quarrying campaign instead so it might be worth taking a collection bucket too. 

Haddon Hall is open from this Thursday though Sunday is probably the busiest day. 

More info:  http://www.nineladies.uklinux.net/

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