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Wed Aug 10 18:23:12 BST 2005

Dear All, this email comes from Maria: <maria at>

Dear friends

We are delighted to invite you to the VIII annual Iberian ecovillage
gathering, to be held from the 2nd to 4th of September at the Molino.
The Molino is the base of the ECOTOPIA foundation, and is located in
Sierra de Gata, Northern Caceres, Extremadura, Spain.

During the gathering there will be many workshops, on bioconstruction,
community issues, natural therapies, permaculture, .... There will also
be time for celebration, excursions, good bio-food, swimming at the
natural river pools, night concerts, surprises, the magic of the place
and many more things.

The RIE (Iberian Ecovillage Network), the Spanish Permaculture Network,
the Strawbale network, and the recently created Water Table will also
meet during this gathering.

The main language of the gathering will be spanish, but also Portuguese,
and many can speak english, french,........, don´t let language barriers
stop you.

Please find attached a file with information on the gathering (in
spanish). You can also visit

Also you can E-mail me for translation, information, whathever..

hope to see some of you here


<maria at>

Ctra. de Ciudad Rodrigo 1,5 km. 10.857-ACEBO (Cáceres)
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Fax: +34 927 51 42 14
Email: elmolino at
also: selba at

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