Wychwood Forest Fair has been revived!

Gerrard Winstanley office at evnuk.org.uk
Wed Dec 28 18:10:24 GMT 2005

Wychwood Forest Fair has been revived!

You may remember that back in September 1997 The Land Is Ours organised a mass trespass on Newhill Plain in the heart of Lord Rotherwick's allegedly lawfully owned land. The trespass was to mark the very popular old forest fairs which were extinguished by the Churchill family in the 1800's.
see  http://www.tlio.org.uk/news/news11.html

Well, local people have taken up the baton and Wychwood Forest fairs are now happening annually at the time of the old Forest Fair - the third weekend in September 

The Wychwood Project works within the area that was once the Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood.
Our Goals: The Wychwood Project aims to raise awareness of the history and heritage of the Royal Hunting Forest of Wychwood, and to
encourage local people to take part in and benefit from restoration, conservation and enhancement of the rich mosaic of landscapes and habitats within the Forest boundaries.

Friends of Wychwood Forest can be contacted here
Stuart Fox
Treasurer Friends of Wychwood
27 London Lane
Ascott under Wychwood
And they run an email list too -  

One thing that seems to be missing, however, from their aims and objectives is public access to the Forest - the exceptional exclusion from which was why we originally organised the trespass!

Tony Gosling

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