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Taken from the section "2005, news, events and updates" on Tony 
Wrench's website

UPDATE Feb 12th 2005

We have received a letter from the Carmarthen County Court to say 
that, upon reading letters from both sides, the court orders us to 
appear at a Case Management Conference on April 26th. We take this to 
mean that our letters to the court following the National Park's 
absurd bundle of papers sent to all the hut dwellers here just before 
Christmas (see 2004 reports) was successful and the ball is now in 
the long grass. 

We have also heard that the inspector hearing Caroline Barry's appeal 
for the erection of her 'temporary' timber, strawbale and cordwood 
dwelling in Butleigh, Somerset, has granted her appeal. The 
permission is temporary in that it is linked to her personal 
occupation, so she can live there for life. What swayed it for the 
inspector was that the only damage the Council could claim she was 
doing, since it is a low impact permaculture holding, was that it was 
against policy and could create a precedent. Destroying her home, 
however, would be a huge interference with her human rights. So he 
granted her appeal. I recommend that Paul Cooper, the Park's 
barrister, study this judgement, because our case is almost 
identical. We would be quite happy to have a personal permission on 
this roundhouse. We would not be able to sell it, and would have to 
take it down if we left it. That would be fine. How about it, Paul? 
Recommend to Ms Milner and co. that they go for a draw. Stop wasting 
public money.

If you agree, dear reader, please feel free to tell the Development 
Control Officer so on her email - 
cathym at 

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