Land Rights Film Festival, Oxford

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Wed Feb 23 13:43:12 GMT 2005

Films, food & thought on Land Rights 

at The Vaults & Gardens Organic Cafe, High St, Oxford (entrance on 
Radcliffe Square)

Sunday 27th February, 7.30pm - 

**** 'Zapatista!' (Big Noise Films, 1998) 

- 'A provocative, hip, graphic expose of an inspiring human struggle' 
(Andrew Davis, Dir. of The Fugitive). 

Darryl Hannah, Edward James Olmos, Mumia Abu-Jamal, and Rage Against 
the Machine team up with three young film makers to rpoduce 
ZAPATISTA!, a film from the front lines of the civil war in Mexico. 

**** PLUS! 'Occupy and Resist!' - short film of a land occupation by 
the Brazilian Landless Workers' Movement (MST) - Dir. Richard Hering 

- clips from Undercurrents films 

- a talk on and slides of can mas deu, a squat in Barcelona, a 
wonderful example of communalising private space here in Europe, with 
much inspiration taken from the South American & Mexican movements. 


Saturday 5th March, 7.30 pm 

**** The Coconut Revolution (Dom Rotheroe, 2001) 

Bows and arrows against helicopter gunships - and bows won. With a 
bit of help from the coconut. This has been the world's first 
successful ecological revolution. Bougainville is a small island off 
the coast of Papua New Guinea. No one really cared when the British 
company Rio Tinto Zinc bulldozed jungle and proceeded to dig the 
word's largest open-cast mine there in the sixties. Then in 1989, the 
indigenous inhabitants revolted. By dodging through the shoot-to-kill 
gunboat blockade, the filmmaker and the sound recordist documented 
this David and Goliath story of the 21st century. 

**** PLUS! a South African AFRA documentary on the land rights of 
farm dwellers in KwaZulu-Natal 

delicious cheap organic food on sale at the bar 

Tickets 4GBP/2.50 concs to cover costs. 

For tickets or info., please contact mim on 07932073091 or email  
mimsaxl at 

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