ASS Website Update

mark mark at
Wed Jun 8 11:24:51 BST 2005

Hi All

As well as Advisory Service For Squatters moving to a new office shortly ( 
above Freedom Bookshop in Whitechapel ) we have also updated our website.

It's at

  It's still being tweaked but we now have a content management system 
which means people can register ( or email me ( currently quickest ) / or 
the office if you have trouble ) and post their news items and articles, on 
housing, eco- related housing stuff, squatting, site and traveller news, 
stuff to the Events Calendar, pics for the Gallery etc. , articles for the 
Resources section.

There is more stuff to download and more being put up there all the time - 
archive stuff of interest, articles on this and that. Any ideas e.g crowbar 
of the month :-) , straw bale how-tos, making your squat go greener etc. 
please email or phone.

cheers Mark R.

PS. Its Reclaim The Future III on Saturday  in London. The cabaret is no 
looking good for all you acoustic fans with US collective Riot Folk, 12 
Volt Vandals, Pok and shed loads more bands, DJs, cinema etc etc to suit 
all tastes etc etc. Check the Reclaim The Streets (London ) website or 
Indymedia London if interested. There is an eco as well as squat connection.

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