Bristol Housing Action (BHAM) on BBC1 - Thu 16 Jun

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Tue Jun 14 20:54:59 BST 2005

War at the Door
BBC1 - Thu 16 Jun, 8:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Squatters, Wolfdog and more Terrible Neighbours
We follow squatter Tony as he finds a property he likes and proceeds to 
invade. Is he a "housing warrior" or an "unemployed freeloader"?
The police are called in to deal with the problems of nuisance neighbour 
Barbara - although she claims it's all a case of "mistaken identity".
What horrors lurk in the basement of a "normal flat"? Could there really be 
a wolf down there? [S]

Please contact Sarah Tavner <sarah.tavner at> for further info.
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