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Apologies for those not interested/too busy...


Awel Aman Tawe (AAT) is a community based project providing information on
and installation of energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. In my
experience/opinion it is a leading example of a small project which has
originated from and been responsive to local needs and concerns. For more
info see the website below,   Dr. Larch Juckes Maxey. (14/06/05)



AAT has got a week till this Friday 17th June to obtain emails/letters of
support for its wind farm planning application. We would be very grateful
for your support. Despite a local referendum, over 1500 letters of
opposition have been received by the council. These letters and emails have
come from across the UK as part of the well-organised anti wind lobby. AAT
did not want to undertake a letter writing campaign, but has now been
advised to do so as the planning decision on our application could go either

These are some of the grounds to support the project. You may copy and paste
from the following and/or add points of your own. There is a lot of
information on our website. Please send this email to all your own email
contacts and ask them to do the same. We would be very grateful if you would
email your support to the following address (the planning dept, our local
Assembly Member - Gwenda Thomas, and local MP - Peter Hain).You can copy and
paste these addresses into your email. Many thanks for your support. Dan
McCallum, Project Manager, Awel Aman Tawe, tel 01269 822954 <> 


d.waghorn at;
<mailto:d.waghorn at;%20Gwenda.Thomas at>
Gwenda.Thomas at; neathoffice at
<mailto:Gwenda.Thomas at> 




I support the Awel Aman Tawe planning application because:

- the four turbines will generate clean power which will reduce the
emissions which are known to cause global warming and acid rain. It will
help to meet Assembly and UK government targets for renewable energy.
- AAT has attracted national interest as it is a case study in new Planning
Guidance published by the ODPM and it was selected as a case study for the
UN World Summit on Sustainable Development. If this wind farm goes ahead, it
will give a tremendous boost to the community renewables sector across the
UK as AAT is a high profile project. Failure to gain planning consent will
be damaging to the sector and may well discourage other community groups
from developing similar projects.

- All revenue from the sale of electricity from the wind farm will go back
into local regeneration - using local resources for local benefit. AAT is a
key project which came out of the original Local Agenda 21 process from the
UN Rio Summit
- AAT already employs 10 staff working on a range of renewable energy and
energy efficiency projects. This wind farm will safeguard those jobs and
enable the creation of more local jobs in an area which has given Objective
1 status by the EU, recognising it as one of the most deprived in Europe.
- There has been detailed consultation about the wind farm and an
independent referendum managed by the Electoral Reform Society which showed
community support for the wind farm going ahead. 

Yours sincerely


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