Build new homes on fields / Housing density rising

Digger Dave, Mohan Dei diggerdave at
Wed Jun 29 14:00:11 BST 2005

> Build new homes on fields, urges government guru

On the face of it, this seems to be the right kind of thinking.  It 
reminds me of the New Villages projects of many years ago.
But experience tells me that such would still be influenced by the 
status quo.  High Income/high consumer people would  be to most 
appreciative, and this would lead to further ghettoision of the poorer 
in the cities. It would further entrench the current land ownership 
The major problem in housing in this country'since the 50s is the 
desire to renovate old houses, when we should really be pulling them 
down for replacement with more adequate, cost and energy efficient and 
smaller homes.

Pardon the great leap but.
I am in the middle of a mental flux at the moment. All around me I 
hear people espouse the views on global warming , the environment etc 
that were falling mostly on deaf ears thirty odd years ago.
I still try to maintain the politicial stance of a extreme radical, on 
the premise that the further one goes along a path of political 
stance, the more room there is behind for others to slot in.
I am convinced that all attempts to change the way we pollute and wage 
war on the planet as well as its occupants are futile.
At the moment I am having some difficulty organising my mind to cope 
with  a Post Warming Dialectic and its practical ideas base.
Any Ideas? 

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