[diggers350] Re: Build new homes on fields / Housing density rising

chris morton krjz at mac.com
Wed Jun 29 17:45:43 BST 2005

Don't despair Dave.

At present 99 wrong things happen for every 1 right thing (probably 
always have done), but that is no reason against doing the right thing 
on a small scale.

The few small victories for real eco-communities and their continuation 
strengthen the base of what needs doing and demonstrate how. Getting 
large numbers of people following is more difficult, but the more 
people the Govt upsets, the more there are to set up rural eco 
dwellings irrespective of the law.

It seems pretty obvious that as the disasters of free-trade economics 
and its unfettered pollution come home to roost, cities will become 
de-facto uninhabitable; most of what is produced in them is inedible, 
the clothing produced impractical and the shelter provided far too 
densely packed.

The only trouble is that, as always, the rich will be able to buy their 
way out and the poor confused into fighting among each other for the 

(I have a longer essay on theme if you are interested)

On Wednesday, June 29, 2005, at 02:00  pm, Digger Dave, Mohan Dei wrote:

>> Build new homes on fields, urges government guru
>> http://politics.guardian.co.uk/homeaffairs/story/0,11026,1502635,00.
> On the face of it, this seems to be the right kind of thinking.  It
> reminds me of the New Villages projects of many years ago.
> But experience tells me that such would still be influenced by the
> status quo.  High Income/high consumer people would  be to most
> appreciative, and this would lead to further ghettoision of the poorer
> in the cities. It would further entrench the current land ownership
> sytem.
> The major problem in housing in this country'since the 50s is the
> desire to renovate old houses, when we should really be pulling them
> down for replacement with more adequate, cost and energy efficient and
> smaller homes.
> ... a Post Warming Dialectic and its practical ideas base.
> Any Ideas?
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