Imber peace gathering date correction

Gerrard Winstanley evnuk at
Mon Mar 7 15:41:17 GMT 2005

Imber peace gathering date correction

The main dates in the previous post were from LAST YEAR! 

Thanks Ruth, for bringing it to my attention. I shouldn't have assumed 
your website was up to date! Anyway people would have found out if 
they'd have phoned Ruth Underwood, of Forever Imber, for further 
details on 0207 272 8500.

Another Imber access campaign, Friends of Imber Church, based in 
Warminster, can be contacted through John Syme on 01985 846538.

The article below, from the Western Daily Press, gives the correct 
details. Hope to see you on Easter Saturday!



The next gatherings at Imber will be on Easter Saturday, March 26, and 
Saturday, August 27. It is hoped to bring together people from the 
Ministry of Defence, Peace Direct, the Movement for the Abolition of 
War, Wessex Archaeology, Wiltshire Racial Equality Council, Wiltshire 
Wildlife Trust, and interfaith groups from Bristol and Swindon.

There will be music, art and theatre, and the events will embrace 
peace education, ecology, healing and trinformation.

A peace vigil held at Imber on New Year's Eve was attended by Bruce 
Kent, of the Movement for the Abolition of War, and Sidney Hinkes, of 
the Anglican Pacifist Fellowship.

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