Rich Farmers and Subsidies (sent to Grauniad and Independent)

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        It is telling of the pervasive rural influence
of the landowning classes that neither the Scottish
Parliamnet or the Welsh Assembly were big enough to
publish a register that in itself would alomost equal
the value of the industry (Rich landowners and EU
subsidies 23/03/05). This influence is such that it is
notable that Oxfam not a conservation body is driving
this most basic CAP reform.

        Your report fails to detail the
ever-increasing size of holdings driven in part by the
design  of subsidy or that openess at a European level
is vital for reform of this perverse, unjust and
archaic yet enormous EU budget that consistently
resists change. 

                Peter Hack


  I spent many years trying to persuade FoE to run
such a Right to Know/ Small Farms campaign and feel
some of the credit for this is mine!!!! 

So now you know..........!

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