Guerilla Gardening

chandrahensman chandrahensman at
Thu Sep 22 13:27:59 BST 2005

I work for an independent television production company and am 
working on a project surrounding 'Guerilla Gardening' for the 
BBC.  The idea is to look at reclaiming 'waste/derilict' land, and 
creating sustainable gardens and vegetable plots for the local 
community. I would be really interested to hear about any actions 
that may have taken place recently or any ongoing projects of this 
nature - I have been talking to cre8 about Glasgow, and wonder if 
there are any other groups/individuals taking part in this sort of 
action.  I would be really interested to hear what's out there - so 
any information, anecdotes, contacts etc would be brilliant.
Thanks very much for your help

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