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Land, People, and War… getting back the land, doing without war both need 
the self conscious People .
This call to action is  stimulated by Rousseau's claim that sovereignty 
rests in the People and cannot be delegated .  I interpret this -
"Voting  for  Members of Parliament to legislate and for a Government or the 
Prime Minister to execute laws,  is invalid."

The Implications for the 'Land' question
We believe that the present land ownership  system  is unjust and needs 
This poses the question , What would a better system look like in practice?
This suggests that a receiver is necessary when the land is transferred  
from individual ownership.
I don’t mean some sort of government agency - a Land Registry - commission 
etc. which may be necessary
-these are administrative arrangements only.-  mere agencies.

I mean a being in which control of the land is to be - is -  invested.  I 
suggest this is  'the People'.
This is in contrast to the vision which some have of the 60million acres of 
UK land being divided between the 60million population of UK ( give or take 
a few  million )
There doesn’t seem to be an alternative non owner of land - An agency will 
have to administer land once removed from ownership and the agency will have 
to be an agent of ---Whom?
Who other  than the People .?

There is a question as raised by Kevin Cahill- of the rival  Elizabeth ll 
Windsor who explicitly claims all the land of UK (and beyond.)   Which sole 
claim could become a convenient device for changing  the system
and a precedent for the People's claim taking precedence over that of a 
constitutional monarch)

It is important that the   People self consciously exists,.  It is arguable 
that  people in general are  not aware- and so apathetic- that we  have  
been robbed of the land, housing , government, nature,  taxes etc and 
systematically lied to.  It is  only when we meet -  not as a collection of 
individuals but-  as 'the People'-
does the People's  right to the land become apparent together with all the 
other rights we are in danger of losing..  At present we  don’t see our  
identity as different in kind from our  individual membership of some group 
of people.
This new Identity is suggested by Rousseau. - the contract between the 
individual and the People
In which the rights (s)he gives to the People (s)he receives back again 
- the People acting together with unrivalled , indivisible and inalienable  
power- (immediately  I would add) 'with  inherent love of humankind -with 
philanthropy  for humankind'
(forgive JJR for always talking in 1762 exclusively of 'mankind'. Other 
reservations are in order)

There is then  a present  need for this People self consciously  to meet. 
Why have we waited so long?
I suggest it does not need to be all 60million - or for that matter 3 
billion - in one place. As few as half a dozen or less needs to meet. As 
long as the consciousness is there about why we  are meeting and that we are 
part of a missing limitless number.
There are small but hugely significant things for this People to think and  
do and say at this meeting.
In the following  fragment  I  suggest only the scale of the importance.
A diseased state
War, violence, death, destruction and fearsome weaponry  has been the 
recurring theme of the twentieth  century continuing into the present . Wars 
are different from personal disputes in which no state condones  people  
killing people.  Only states make war. People are immune from this disease.
I argue  that war is the untreatable disease of a failed system of 
government which needs replacing.
The validity of our present system of Government called 'democracy' is 
questioned by the fact that Britain was and is a or the major participant in 
the wars from South Africa, China, Europe, Malaya, Korea, Europe again and  
Falklands in the twentieth century, a  hundred colonial wars in the 
nineteenth,  and Iraq, Afghanistan and the  violence of the embargo on 
Palestine in the present.     And it is  Britain that prides itself in  
propagating democracy.   This makes me distrust what is passed off as ' 
history' and as  'democracy'.

Curing war and violence.
There is a vision of the self conscious People unaffected by this disease of 
democratic and undemocratic states - by all states, called -'war'.
Philanthropy - love of all people -  is the other hugely important aspect of 
  the  self conscious People that
needs expressing  particularly regarding the issues of  replacing Trident, 
adjusting to  global warming  and  ceasing to vilify  immigrants.
I recommend  the 'nuclear explosive'  leaflet written in 1762  'The Social 
Contract' by J J Rousseau

The undiscovered cause of war
>From this  I wonder,  "Is the cause of war  that  any leader,  be it 
individual or small group, P.M., War Cabinet, Parliament or Government, is  
totally incapable of  handling the immense power whose source  and only 
valid   home is -  the People?"

Proposition 1
The People has such immense power (it is people who have to fight, and die 
in wars and build and discover and invent and create everything in  
peacetime ) that there is no sustainable home for such power except when 
responsibly retained and exercised after deliberation by the People itself.

Delegating it to leaders, Parliament and Government  inevitably leads to 
war?  (Rousseau implies this but does not state it)

Proposition 2
Constant attention to philanthropy by the People  is the sure preventative 
of the disease of war.
- good will to all people- is our  weapon of mass deliverance.

Instead    the intrinsically pacifist People are induced to delegate their 
power to  misfits of society  who demonstrate this by  'owning ' and fencing 
estates. They are invariably brought up  in an atmosphere of  unloving 
families, cruel schools, killing animals for sport and anti-social 
traditions and advocate weapons of mass destruction.  Yet  our necessary 
philosophy teaches  us to love them still.

Proposition 3
Uniting the People is needed to reverse the  present  Queen-in-Government 
which individualises People in order to rule.

Who needs our philanthropy most?
Landowners show cruelty in their sport, their preferred career choice, the 
army and their ant-social exclusive ethos. Segregated education  (typically 
at Eton)  inculcates cruelty and exclusivity.  Choose them as leaders and 
they will make wars which will be our constant companion as long as   
loveless  people are in  powerful positions.  We need to replace with 
philanthropy the rhetoric of hate displayed by  Government and the press 
towards other states, criminals and immigrants.  We need too to extend unity 
to  People all over the world.

Where to meet.
  Everywhere and anywhere is important . With some thought and organisation  
small groups could meet at St George's Hill, Maiden Castle, Hod Hill, 
Trafalgar Square and especially locally,.. everywhere… beautiful  places , 
significant -to-the- People-in-the-past -places,  where we can remember 
these- our- People and their- our - cause.  Faslane,  Lakenheath and 
Greenham Common need large  dozes of the People medicine- philanthropy. 
Before the day we can co-ordinate groups at these places, then meet, record 
the event  and circulate the record ready for the next meeting. This is an 
opportunity too, to invite participation from other excluded people

To summarise , The People should self consciously meet (soon) and annually  
in many places  in small and  large numbers, to give form to the body which 
is and is to  be, the People, which holds  and is to hold  the Land.    
James.     November 2006    Dorchester


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