Titnore Woods : campaigners lament Gov't rejection of public enquiry / Rob Newman&Anita Ruddock give support

Mark mark at tlio.org.uk
Sun Dec 3 10:04:32 GMT 2006

COMEDIAN, author and campaigner Rob Newman is the latest high-profile
name to get behind the Titnore Woods campaign in Worthing, West Sussex.
For the next few weeks the proceeds of any sales of Robert's From
Caliban to the Taliban DVD are going to go to the Titnore tree camp. The
DVDs are now at a special price of £5 including p and p.

If anyone wants to buy one through the post all the details are up on
Robert's website or send a cheque or PO for £5 made payable to Nicky
Fijalkowska to: Robnewman.com, PO Box 4458, Worthing, BN11 2WL. If people
want to pay by PayPal they can send payment to: mailATrobnewman.com

Rob is the second high profile supporter to rally behind the protest at
titnore, after dame Anita Ruddock also recently gave her support to the
campaign and tree occupation.

Latest on the battle to defend Titnore Woods and the local campaign
against the new housing development, Tescos expansion & road-widening in
NW Worthing:

Worthing people are still not to be allowed to challenge the 875-home West
Durrington development at a public inquiry, it has been revealed. A letter
from local groups calling for the Government to hold an inquiry, passed on
to Ruth Kelly by local MP Peter Bottomley, has met with a flat 'no' from
Whitehall. The news was not exactly unexpected, but still reinforces the
lack of democratic scrutiny in the whole disastrous scheme.

However, there is still likely to be a considerable delay in any work
actually starting on the development. Following the news that Titnore
Lane should not now have to be straightened, Worthing Borough Council
has asked the developers to prepare an amended planning application,
without the alterations to Titnore Lane and with a T junction instead of
the roundabout at the entrance to the estate. The revised planning
application has to be prepared, as do the revised ecological assessment
and the revised Section 106 agreement. After they have all been agreed,
the full planning application still has to be considered. Said one
campaigner: "I should be surprised if any construction is done in less
than a year from now."

With this in mind, the campers are digging in for the long haul (both
metaphorically and literally!). They badly need food, clothing, blankets
and funds to see them through the dark winter months. Parcels for the camp
can be left at Down to Earth health food shop in Montague Street, Worthing
(west end), as well as taken to the camp.

With the annual feast of consumer extravagance fast approaching, people
are being urged to remember those who are prepared to live up a tree all
winter to save our environment! Let's make it a Merry Christmas for the
stalwarts at Camp Titnore!

Meanwhile, a piece of news you might like to know is that a more powerful
pirate radio station has taken over from 'TreeFM'. It's called 'ProfileFM'
and is on 104.2 FM. It can be heard over most of South Sussex on Friday,
Saturday and Sunday evenings from about 7pm to Midnight and also at
http://www.profilefm.virtue.nu    Messages of support are strongly
encouraged; they have a text message line on 07842 571450, and in order to
give as much support as possible to the tree top campers , as many people
as possible are being asked to text in and say a big hug (or similar) to
the campers for their efforts to save the Titnore Woods.

If you want to help us stop this wanton destruction of the last remaining
block of Ancient Woodland on the coastal plain of Southern England please
send a donation, no matter how small to "The Worthing Society 3 Ilex Way
Goring-by-Sea West Sussex".

For more details please see: www.protectourwoodland.co.uk
Well-wishers, please give moral support and encouragement to these
intrepid woodland defenders by ringing them on the site phone, which is:
0780 4245324.

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