Riots as Danish police evict Copenhagen social centre

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          "Support action for Ungdomshuset"

              you can send this e-mail to all denmark embassys

        *Riots broke out in copenhagen as court decide to shut down 
        Ungdomshuset  youth', cultural and social center.*

        Having run out of all political alternatives that'll allow them
        to save their cultural centre from police eviction, the youths
        from Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen took to the streets today
        resulting in the worst clashes and riots in Denmark in more than
        10 years. Bricks and paving were thrown at the police, stores
        was smashed and fires were lit all over the city.

        Asked the question "Why are you fighting?" on of the rioters
        replied; "I'm fighting for my right to be who i am. The Danish
        state have attacked all experimental or alternative cultural
        places, schools and theatres. This is about more than just a
        house. I'm fighting for my right to be different in Denmark!"

        Comment on the mainstream medias coverage (danish):

        Pictures from the riots:

        The protests started from the house at 16:00 where the around
        1000 protesters moved towards the city centre. However they
        didn't get more than 300 meters before the police started
        surrounding the crowd. Immediately stuff where thrown at the
        enclosing police and the fighting began. Paint, firecrackers,
        rocks and bottles where hurled at the cops and their cars.

        Coorporate media repports three cops are in the hospital from
        having been struck by rocks. At least two protesters have been
        seriously injured. One having two fingers blown off and another
        from being run over by a police car.

        As the crowd were chased through the city chain stores were
        smashed and garbage containers lit on fire and sporadic fighting
        with the cops occurred. Local immigrant youths joined in the

        The situation right now is somewhat calmed but there's still
        lots of police in the streets making random arrests of everyone
        looking like an activist or a punk. Just now the police are
        closing in on the house again!

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