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Mon Dec 18 12:34:13 GMT 2006

I am working on a wind turbine project at Primrose community primary school  
in Kings Norton, Birmingham. The school has a variety of eco projects on the 
go and they have just won a soil association award for their garden projects 
and organic school meals.

The school is just about to have installed a full size wind turbine in the 
grounds. As well as generating electricity which will be sold back to the 
grid, the turbine provides a large and very visual symbol to the whole 
community about renewable energy. We are keen that local people, including 
children at the school and their families, have the opportunity to find out 
more about the turbine, how it works and why it is important to use 
renewable energy. We want to put the turbine into context and have the 
opportunity to discuss the bigger picture in terms of energy.

I am organising a series of 4 assemblies at the school with guest speakers.

Assemblies will run for 30-45 minutes at the end of the school day (2.15 or 
2.30 to 3pm).

I am looking for people, preferably with experience of working with Primary 
School age children, to talk about alternative energy in an exciting and 
engaging way in these assemblies. The talk could be about a project you have 
been involved with, it could be about how wind turbines work or something 
related. There is a fee available of £100 per assembly.

If you think this sounds like something you would like to do or if you know 
anyone who you think would be suitable give me a call on 07974 934 917.

The potential dates for the assemblies at the moment are: Monday 22nd Jan, 
Tuesday 23rd Jan, Monday 29th Jan, Friday 2nd Feb, Monday 5th Feb and 
Thursday 8th Feb 2007.

If there is any chance of a reply before the christmas break that would be 
really helpful as I am keen to get things booked in.

Thanks for your help

best wishes

Eleanor Hoad

07974 934917
0121 554 2088
eleanorhoad at

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