Housing and Land Rights Campaign 2006!

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>From HIC General Secretary

Getting involved to Housing and Land Rights Campaign 2006!

Homeless, tenants, displaced people, migrants, slum dwellers, neighbours,
all of us are concerned with housing and land issues, with our right to
housing, to land, to the city.

Let's move together this first week of October 2006. Our message is:

NO to forced evictions and displacements!
NO to privatization of housing, land and utilities!

YES to everyone's right adequate housing and land!

Individuals, local, national or international organisations or networks
are called to take part of the global campaign. You can:

* Organise an event - Every event, no matter what size, has a part of
play in the week of action to Enhance Housing and Land Rights Now. Why not
consider organising an event yourself? Register your event
* Call a consultation meeting - Approach other organisations in your
country or community at an early stage and invite them to a consultation
meeting to consider the possibilities of working together during the week
for housing and land rights.
* Get your members involved – In order to mobilise millions of people
the call to action needs to go out far and wide. Tell your members about
the week of action, and encourage them to get involved too.
* Get involved in events already organised – Organisations, movements
and campaigns have already started organising events at local, national
and international level.
* Endorse the call to action – During the week of action for Housing
and Land Rights, movements and campaigns from across the world will join
together in united action against forced evictions and against speculation
of housing, land and utilities. If you plan to be involved, you could
discuss the week of action at key decision-making meetings and endorse the
call to action. You could encourage member organisations endorse the call
to action separately. We need as many organisations as possible to
officially endorse the call to action. The more organisations do this, the
more it will encourage others to get involved and the more impact we are
likely to have.

Tell us your plans, struggles, ideas!
Join this initiative by sending an e-mail to gs at hic-net.org

European housing and urban networks call for announcemnts on planned
action until end of July.
See European call at:

Strategic meetings, events, action, media planned for London Sept 29 - Oct

European HIC contacts for the campaign:
Richard Lee (London): richard at lee1984.fsnet.co.uk
Katharine Coit (France): kathcoit at gmail.com
Knut Unger (Germany): unger at habitants.de

Debate HIC Europe initiatives at:
hic-eu at listi.jpberlin.de
Subscribe at:

North American contact:
Michael Kane (Boston): michaelkane at saveourhomes.org

Europeans and Northern Americans may plan special cooperation on REITs,
incremental evictions, consequences of low wage policies and shortage of
social housing.

Debate the "no to speculation" axes at:
hic-wg-globalization at listi.jpberlin.de
Subscribe at:

For action days there are discussions on
- mapping of incremental evictions and worst financial investments,
- statements on REITs and fundisation of housing/urban space,
- regulation of international financial real estate speculation and
alternative housing policies/visions on future social and public housing

Knut Unger

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