Action on erosion of UK civil liberties

Mark Barrett tony at
Wed Jul 19 10:14:47 BST 2006

Dear Comrades,

As you will be aware, there has been for some time now a concerted
attempt by the British state to crack down on our hard won civil
liberties. This fact is now well known to both the media and the
general public. In response, some of us have decided to launch a
campaign for a new, grassroots and inclusive constitution.

Anyway, without further ado, here's an invitation to join us for our
first meeting on Wednesday July 26th in London NW1:

Achieving Civil and Social Rights - Towards a 21st Century Constitution

Open Action Forum, Wednesday 26th July 6.30pm

In the present climate of a failing British state and creeping
authoritarianism we need to find a way to work together as individuals
and groups to transform our political culture. Recent reports indicate
that both the major political parties are now considering
constitutional reform, and there are even hints of support for a
written constitution.

We propose a series of alternative events aimed at a grassroots
campaign around:

[1] an inclusive written constitution that embraces the aspirations of
the powerless majority

[2] a civil and social rights mobilisation in support of its terms.

You are invited to attend the launch of our Open Action Forum, on July
26th 2006, to debate these goals, share campaign stories and help plan
future events together. We hope you will be free to come and join us.

Organisers and sponsors so far include: Mark Barrett (People in
Common); A World to Win; Dr Ghayasuddin Siddiqui (Muslim Parliament of
Great Britain in a personal capacity), The Creative Forum and others.

VENUE: D2 - Diorama Arts Centre, 3-7 Euston Centre, Regents Place
London, NW1 3JG.
Nearest tubes: Warren Street, Euston
Contact Mark 0785 439 0408


For more info, go here
"Ahimsa" --- refusal to inflict injury on others.
>A) Ahimsa is dictated by our commitment to communication and to
sharing of our pieces of the truth. Violence shuts off channels of
>B) The concept of ahimsa appears in most major religions, which
suggests that while it may not be practiced by most people, it is
respected as an ideal.
>C) Ahimsa is an expression of our concern that our own and other's
humanity be manifested and respected.

"When I pass protestors every day at Downing Street... I may not like
what they call me, but I thank God they can. That's called freedom."

Tony Blair

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