Taking American's Land and Rights - How It Works

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Taking American's Land and Rights - How It Works
Nancy Levant
March 15, 2006

Why the "New World" is so difficult to understand is not as complex as 
one might guess. While we naturally focus upon local issues and 
concerns such as community development, forest access, sportsmen's 
rights, etc., one does need to understand the "whys" of local 
political decisions, and the decisions of local commissions and 
councils. There is rhyme and reason to our loss of rights, land, 
privacy, and public opinion.

Consider the following:

Every American citizen, no matter where you live, MUST buy your 
county's Plat Book. Plat Books are maps that identify the owners of 
each and every parcel of land in your counties. You cannot know what 
is going on behind the scenes unless you buy your county Plat Book. 
Begin there.

You will then discover that most of the land in your counties is now 
owned by 1) state or federal government, 2) land development 
companies, 3) land "trusts" or "land funds," 4) environmental 
organizations, and 5) large corporations.

If you are lucky enough to have several Plat Books covering a 2, 3, 5, 
or 10-year period (Plat Books are published annually), you will see a 
connection between land trusts, land development companies, land 
funds, and corporations. You will discover that they buy and sell to 
each other, and that they change the names of their organizations, and 
also create spin-off organizations, on a very regular basis.

Then, if you go to the websites of these land organizations, you will 
discover that they are "partnered" with 1) each other, and 2) with 
larger global corporations, and 3) with local universities and 
technical colleges, and 3) with "environmental" organizations.

In other words, you will find that the buying and selling of land in 
your counties is a highly organized business bureaucracy that 
circulates and perpetuates "profit and control" between revolving door 

But what are "partnerships?" In a word, "business" has changed in the 
United States. On television commercials, I'm sure you've heard the 
term "partners." It sounds nice – like cooperative business ventures 
for the good of the public. However, nothing can be farther from the 

Partnerships, stakeholding, and NGOs (non-governmental organizations) 
are America's (and the world's) new governmental bureaucracy system. 
This system is the brainstorm of the United Nations and was defined in 
a document called Agenda 21, which means Agenda for the 21st Century. 

Agenda 21, in a nutshell, mandated that all countries that were U.N. 
members implement all Agenda 21 requirements into their nations and 
governmental structures. The U.S. is a member of the United Nations, 
and therefore we were required to implement Agenda 21.

In the U.S., Agenda 21 is called by different names. We call it 
"sustainable development," "sustainable communities," "Local 21," 
"Smart Growth," and a whole bevy of other names. However, all these 
governmentally imposed programs and changes that we now see in our 
communities (and worldwide) are upon the insistence of the U.N. as 
outlined in the Agenda 21 document.

First and foremost, Agenda 21 mandated that there is to be NO 
ownership of private property – worldwide. The U.N. believes that all 
land, watershed systems, and natural resources must be owned and 
administered by "government." To American people, this is what we 
consider to be Communism. We believe that ownership of property is 
directly tied to freedom. 

As the United States set up and is the primary financial supporter of 
the United Nations, the U.N. had to come up with a plan to make 
palatable their right to confiscate our privately owned land. But how 
did they accomplish that plan? 

Masterfully, the United Nations, with their partners (the World Bank, 
the World Trade Organizations, and the International Monetary Fund, 
and global corporations and groups), began funding "environmental" 
science organizations and universities with grant dollars. By doing 
so, they also formed "partnerships" with eco-organizations and 
scientists, and a master plan evolved. 

Under the direction of Agenda 21, a massive funding web of 
partnerships, stakeholders, and NGOs, a "grant-hired" eco-doomsday 
scenario was created and served to manipulate American people into 1) 
giving up their privately owned properties for the good of 
"sustainable" nature, and 2) to lay the groundwork for the 
"partnership-stakeholding-NGO bureaucracy. It worked like a charm.

Once you buy your county Plat Books, you will clearly see that there 
is next to no property left to buy in the United States. It has 
already been purchased by state and federal government, land 
development companies, large corporations, land trusts like The Nature 
Conservancy, and land fund organizations – all of which are 
"partnered" together in the greatest land and natural resource 
confiscation scheme in the history of the world. 

In a nutshell, we are witnessing bureaucratic nation conquering. 
Rather than using warfare to collect new countries and landmasses, the 
partnership bureaucracy is collecting world territory via land 
grabbing initiatives under the direction of the United Nations and its 
global partners.

These initiatives are operating in every town, burg, rural, and 
wilderness area in the United States. Therefore, all state and local 
politicians, beholding to federal laws and money, were forced to 
become a part of the Agenda 21 mandate for ending all ownership of 
private property. These initiatives are operating in all U.N.-member 

Equally, the professional sciences of "ecology" and "conservation" 
were bought by the Agenda 21 system, and are now solely funded by 
Agenda 21 "partners" in land confiscation. 

On the federal level, you will find the Department of Agriculture, the 
Department of Defense, the Department of the Interior, the Department 
of Natural Resources, all three Executive levels, and other 
governmental departments under the control of the United Nations. All 
treaties, Memorandums of Understanding, and alliances with the U.N. 
trump the Constitutional Laws of the United States. This is important, 
folks – international law "trumps" national law. "Treaties" trump 
national law. In other words, our politicians, agreeing to be members 
of the United Nations, and agreeing to implement Agenda 21, suspended 
our Constitutional rights AND our rights to own private property. 
This, my friends, is fact of law, and this law, by definition, is 
called Communitarian Law.

At the state level of government, our state governors, who hope to 
retain the financial support of the federal government, have also 
agreed to implement Agenda 21 into each and every one of our 50 
states. This includes our state universities. 

And now we come to our local levels of government, our local colleges 
and universities, and our local movers and shakers, which we well know 
are the affluent people who are our county commissioners, councilmen, 
and businessmen. All the affluent locals, in efforts to gain dollars 
from their state governments, and to be privy to the endless money via 
international, federal, and state grants for "land" ventures, have 
signed onto the new "partnership-stakeholding-NGO" system of business, 
because that new bureaucracy is how wealth, power, and money works in 
the New World. In truth and fact, if you aren't a part of this new 
governmental bureaucracy, which includes grant money and non-profit 
status, you are 1) not going to succeed financially, and 2) you are 
not going to gain any political or local power.

We are operating under a new form of government. It is the United 
Nations-defined form of government. Our Constitutional government has 
been overtaken by international law, and we, the people, are 
systematically losing not only our private property, but our access 
rights to our wilderness areas, as well. We are also losing all other 
freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution.

It's all dressed up in "love of nature and/or sustainability" 
language, but the facts remain the same. Private property is to end, 
and this is why, via your county Plat Books, you will see that there 
is literally next to no land left for us to buy in our country. This 
is why you are seeing "access restrictions" being imposed daily and 
all across our nation. This is why we are being herded into "planned 
communities" where we do not own the land. Agenda 21 originally 
defined these planned communities as "human settlements." How many 
land development companies are now in your areas? How many deed-
restricted communities have been erected?

This is why deer and cattle populations are being purposefully killed 
off by "reintroduced" wolf and cougar populations, but to name a few 
of the land confiscation "partnering" webs of deceit. The intent is to 
get us off our private and public lands.

Our "New World" is a new one-world government. It is composed of 
European central banks, the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign 
Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the World Bank, the World Trade 
Organization, the International Monetary Fund, the World Court, the 
United Nations, and many other global organizations, groups, people, 
and corporations. This system was incrementally set into play over the 
last century, and has now overtaken the United States – thanks to our 
elected – who agreed to exchange our sovereignty, our way of life, our 
religion and beliefs, and our Constitutional government and rights for 
a global hybrid-corporate/Socialism/Communism. We now live under new 
rules, which have changed everything from our children's educations to 
our rights to honest science, our health and privacy, our living and 
home options, and even our personal and public rights and opinions. 

Our New Government is a combination corporate-financial system, with 
human beings as highly controlled servants to profit. Our New 
Government has created a techno-society, where we are highly "managed" 
creatures – much like chipped and reintroduced wolves and "invasive" 
species. We are also being chipped on a daily basis, and are 
governmentally and corporately encouraged to do so. We are in 
tremendous trouble and we are vulnerable to this new techno-society 
with its non-stop chemtrail spraying, manufactured super-viruses, 
weather control, spying technologies, and to our elected who are also 
loyal to the mass human de-population plans and mandates of Agenda 21. 
Watch and listen for state-mandated initiatives to curb reproduction 
and birthrights – particularly for poor women. 

On a final note, and for all who live in the forested lands of the 
United States, and particularly the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, keep 
two concepts in mind – forest fires and global mining interests. I 
suggest they are systematically linked. Watch for "forest fire 
research" in your colleges and universities.

Thoughtfully consider why anyone in their right mind, much less entire 
governmental departments, would agree to implement programs like large 
carnivore reintroduction – thereby decimating deer and other 
ungulates, and cattle populations, nationwide. Why? To force farmers 
and ranchers out of business and to sell their land, and to 
effectively end hunting and other outdoor wilderness sports. It's 
called getting the people off the land, folks – plain and simple. If 
you buy the eco-sustainability explanations, you still haven't read 
Agenda 21.

In bitter truth, our Constitutional governance has ended. The only 
question remaining is what you intend to do about it. If you are so 
inclined to do nothing, then welcome to your New World. And while 
you're watching global TV, you might make note of the fact that global 
pharmaceutical corporations are marketing new substances to you 24/7. 
Keep telling yourselves – global de-population requirements as per 
Agenda 21.

Rally To Enforce the Laws and Legal Operation of this Nation! 

On April 17, 2006 at 1:00 pm EST, victims of legal abuse, legal 
reformers, Constitutionalists, and freedom-minded people and 
organizations, who demand legal Constitutional governance, will:

Join together at the Rayburn Congressional Office Building, the 
location of the House Judiciary Committee in Washington, DC, to demand 
that the Committee hold hearings on legal abuse in America. 

Lawyers and activist organizations are needed to attend and take 
action/organization plans home to their individual states. 

For information on how to get involved NOW, and to advertise this 
rally in all 50 states, please contact The Patriot Caucus at www.
patriotcaucus.com and the Citizens Justice Institute at www.

It's time to enforce the laws and legal operation of this, OUR nation! 
Pass this information onto at least 5 people and/or organizations, and 
ask them to do the same. 

Promoted by The Patriot Caucus and the Citizens Justice Institute

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