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Date: Fri Mar 17, 2006 11:20pm 
Subject: You're having a LAARF* 	g_nation969 
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Don't miss info on LAARF at bottom of this mail!

Info on Fools' Day Events

April 1st was the day the Diggers first dug, in 1649, the traditional
New Year when everything could be turned upside down, and this year it
sees the formation of the Serious Organised Crime Agency, the UK's
answer to the FBI.

And we all know who the Serious Organised Criminal Agents are .. the
ones who are running it

So.... come help us turn all this stuff around, people taking control,
one action at a time

More info at Clown Wiki and

Narrative of Hope

*LAARF is the Doomsday Act-in-Waiting, the "Henry VIII Legislation"
For more on the Abolition of Parliamentary Sovereignty by the Blair 
check out commentary at
What a shocker..!

The Picnic meets every Sunday in Parliament Square, on the Green at
around 1.30pm
For more info on Alternative St George please go to
Or join the list at

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