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  CALL FOR HELP (circulate widely):

This is a call for help to defend a squatted social centre in Copenhagen
which has been running for a long time. There is more about its long
history here: 

The original call (here in an edited/spelling checked version) can be
found here: 

Troublemakers of the world - We bid you welcome

We invite everybody who supports Ungdomshuset to come to Copenhagen in
December. From the 13th through the 17th there will be actions,
workshops, concerts and at least one demonstration.

For seven years we have struggled for a political solution that could
remove the eviction threat against Ungdomshuset. These efforts have been
in vain.

We are still trying to find a peaceful way to save the house, but there
is not much to hope for. Though the politicians have spoken a lot they
have not done anything. The right-wing Christian sect whom the
politicians gave our house to is refusing to sell, despire generous
offers from an independent fund. Instead they have asked for permission
to tear it down.

>From just about everywhere there has been statements of support. From
local citizens to revolutionary political groups abroad. Danish labour
unions, artists, mucisians and many more have spoken in our favour. We
are very greatfull for this support. But so far it has not had an effect
on the leadership of the Church that is crusading against us. They still
push for war.

We are still hoping and working for a political solution but from
December 14th onwards the question is no longer *if* we are going to be
attacked by the police in an eviction attempt. From that day on it will
be a question of *when* we are attacked.

That is why we are calling upon all the friends of Ungdomshuset in
particular and supporters of squatting and social change in general to
come to Copenhagen from the 13th of December. Activities are planned
until December 17th, but you are welcome to stay longer. We need you.

Hope to see you here!

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