Will BBC dumb down homelessness next week?

Tony Gosling tony at tlio.org.uk
Fri Nov 24 20:33:49 GMT 2006

Next week the 'No Home' initiative starts on the BBC. 
Great!?!?!  http://www.bbc.co.uk/nohome/

"Forty years after Cathy Come Home put homelessness on the agenda, read
stories from today's volunteers and homeless, and how you can get involved"

Only problem is that the most radical extent of this initiative appears to
be to get more people to volunteer for homelessness charities (see bottom
of this mail for the full programme schedule). 

No Home is a joint BBC/Big Business event with their partner being Business
In The Community (BITC).  
BITC SITE: http://www.bitc.org.uk
BITC 'NO HOME' PAGE: http://tinyurl.com/y4pcuw

There is no mention of the most accessible, just and practical solution to
homelessness, squatting, and no attempt to address the injustices of land
ownership/distribution and planning law which lie at the heart of the problem.

Let's see how the week goes but it does appear that this is a wealthy,
mortgaged up 'media darling's' and wealthy businessman's patronising take
on the issue, and one can't help but wonder if the team responsible for 'No
Home' have spoken directly to any real homeless people about the issue at all.

Please post your considered feedback and criticism of 'No Home' week here
to the diggers list and try to contribute to 'No Home' wherever possible,
eg. on phone ins. 


Still, thankfully not all the BBC seem quite so out of touch

In pictures: Life in an eco-roundhouse
Jane and Tony's roundhouse is featured in this BBC photo extravaganza
Low impact
As part of a series on housing and ways of life in the UK, Tony Wrench and
Jane Faith talk about living in a Welsh eco-roundhouse.
Tony and Jane have lived for nine years in the Celtic-style home they built
in Pembrokeshire.
The house, made of wood, turf, straw and recycled materials, is designed to
make as low an impact on the environment as possible. "We are not going to
survive in these numbers for the next few hundred years - people will have
to live a lot simpler."


On TV & Radio No Home is a BBC season of programmes on TV, radio and 
online highlighting issues relating to modern day homelessness and 
encouraging people to sign-up and get involved.

Cathy Come Home Cathy Come Home
BBC Four: Sun 26th Nov 11 pm
Carol White and Ray Brooks star in the landmark 1966 play about a young 
couple and their children who are caught in an unrelenting trap of debt, 
homelessness and poverty.

Ray Gosling Moving On with Ray Gosling
BBC Four: Sun 26th Nov 00:20 am
Broadcaster Ray Gosling has twice come close to living on the streets. 
He travels the country to learn what leads to people being homeless, and 
what life is like with no home.

Gaz Skint BBC One: Mon 27th Nov 10:35 pm
A special edition of Skint which follows the story of several people for 
whom daily life is a constant struggle just to find food and a roof for 
the night.
Visit the Skint page to watch the exclusive interviews with Vernon, Gaz 
and Kathy who tell us their experiences of homelessness.

Sarah Evicted BBC One: Wed 29th 10:35 pm
Evicted follows three young girls and their families into the nightmare 
of homelessness.
Visit the Evicted page to watch the programme trailer and our exclusive 
online documentary on Tara and her three girls.

Casualty BBC One: Sat 2nd Dec 8:55 pm
An explosive episode based around characters all of whom have 
connections with homelessness.
Visit the Casualty page to read our interviews with guest star Pauline 
Quirke and episode director Emma Bodger.

Chantelle and Keona The Wrong Trainers
BBC One: Fri 1st Dec 4:45 pm
Told through animated films, six children describe living in poverty in 
the UK.

Jeremy Vine Jeremy Vine
Radio 2: Wed 6th Dec 1:30 pm
Jeremy Vine talks to John Bird, founder of The Big Issue.

Radio 4 Radio 4 will feature the season over the next two weeks:

You and Yours
Mon-Fri, 20th Nov-15th Dec 12:00
Focusing on the scandal of empty homes across the country and what you 
can do about them, the EU migrants sleeping rough in our cities, 
legalised squatting, and the unsung heroes helping the homeless.

Cathy Comes Home
Tues 28th 11:30 am
Documentary about the 40th anniversary of Cathy Come Home.

Streetwise Opera
Fri 1st Dec 11:02 am (part one)
A theatrical behind-the-scene’s two-part series following the production 
of Whirlwind, performed by professionals and up to 50 homeless and 
ex-homeless people from Tyneside.

Radio 4 Appeal: St-Martin-in-the-Fields
Sun 3rd Dec 07:55 am
This is the 80th year of Christmas appeals on behalf of the work of 
St-Martins. This church in Trafalgar Square provides shelter and support 
to the many thousands of homeless people from all over the country who 
end up living on the streets of London.

Matthew Bannister Matthew Bannister
Five Live: Mon 27th – Fri 1st 09:00
Matthew will be discussing housing and money; how can you afford a home 
and what happens when you lose it all through debt?

Anita Anand Anita Anand
Five Live: Mon 27th Nov 10:00 pm
Broadcasting live from a Housing Aid night shelter in Derby and talking 
to people involved at both the shelter and elsewhere in the UK.

Dreams of Home, Community Channel
Tues 28th Nov 07:00 am
This documentary looks at homelessness from the ground up and asks why 
there are so many homeless people in the fourth richest country in the 
world. Elsewhere on the BBC: BBCi: Red Button activity
Throughout the season, BBCi will be featuring compelling case studies of 
volunteers. Just press red on your remote. Video Nation
Video Nation has produced a series of powerful video diaries portraying 
homelessness today.

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