Save Marsh Lane Fields from Olympic land grab

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Wed Feb 7 05:32:14 GMT 2007

New Lammas Land Defence Committee (NLLDC) are holding a Demonstration at 
Walthamstow Town Hall before the planning committee meeting tomorrow 
(Wednesday) evening. There will be press photographers present and also 
a film crew from the BBC, who may also be allowed to film inside the 
council chamber though this isn't confirmed. This demonstration has been 
called against the taking - without any compensation or exchange - of a 
large amount of land at Marsh Lane Fields, just inside Leyton, currently 
used for after-school football training (four schools use the fields as 
their playing grounds), athletics, cross-country running. field events 
and informal recreation, in order to relocate uses displaced by the 
Olympics development in the neighbouring borough of Newham. There is no 
benefit for the people of Waltham Forest, only the loss of our land, and 
the proposal is contrary to the Borough's Unitary Development Plan and 
to the London Plan and regional and national planning guidance. In other 
words what the LDA want to do is bordering on the illegal. It would also 
involve taking Marsh Lane, a privately-owned access road which has a 
customary right of way for pedestrians and vehicular access rights for 
adjacent landowners only, and making it a rat-run through from Markhouse 
Road to the so-called "Relief" Road (Orient Way) - a scheme previously 
proposed 15 years ago and stopped by massive local opposition.

Please come along at 7pm to the Town Hall steps at Walthamstow and 
support the opposition to the taking of our public open space in this 
way. Please also pass this message on to anyone else who might be able 
to join us.

If you can make a small poster or placard to hold that would be 
wonderful - suggestions for what to write on it are: "No through road" 
"Save Marsh Lane Fields"
"Don't give our marshes away" "save our kids from 'carnage" "No to theft 
of our lammas lands". Etc.
Katy Andrews,
Chair NLLDC and Walthamstow resident since 1981.


Fighting City Hall: a planning workshop at Clays Lane Community Hall
Start: 11 Feb 2007 - 14:00
End: 11 Feb 2007 - 18:30


Clays Lane Cooperative Housing, Planning & Action Group is proposing a 
day of discussion of the Olympics in response to the detailed planning 
application expected to be delivered by the ODA at the beginning of this 
month (February, 2007).

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT NOTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As the Odious Destruction Armoury (ODA) has failed to deliver the 
planning documents to its publicity department despite already 
announcing their availability to the public, we shall be using this day 
as a preliminary workshop only. A day to meet and discuss and prepare 
for a future workshop scheduled for the end of February.

We want to hold a day event to be able to discuss together the current 
proposals, assess, evaluate, improve, change or scrap them.

A beginners guide to the social impacts of the Olympics
Proposed program:

In order to attend the rally at noon Sunday 11th February at Marsh Lane 
Fields we will be starting at 14.00 instead of the previously advertised 
time of 12.30

14.00 Reception, Lunch (we will be providing some food but feel free to 
bring your own food and refreshments)

14.30 Opening presentation

15.00 Key local sites detailed presentations

16.00-17.30 Discussion – conclusion (finish time is flexible)
Presentations include:

Throughout the day we will be projecting key parts of the planning 
application with CDs / Large printed maps and projections of the current 
Feb 07 Detailed planning application.

Apango/Spectacle Community Video Project on the Analysis of the Olympic 
Opportunity Area OCT 06 / Mark Saunders - What has changed, what can we 
learn from those changes ?

Various advising and interested groups will be there, if you are 
intending to challenge aspects of the February planning applications you 
may be able to get good advice, find out what is happening at sites of 
interest near your own, share your knowledge and help others to 
understand how they can challenge the current plan.
Interest Groups:

We will be inviting the following groups and would like to include your 
name among the list of participants. Here is a list of interested local 
user groups, please, add yours if we forgot you:

* Hackney Marshes User Group
* Travelers (Clays Lane & Wateden Road)
* Clays Lane Cooperative Housing
* Manor Garden Allotment Society
* East Marshes User Groups
* Lammas Land defense Committee
* Wathamstow Marshes

Ideas for:

* Assessment of the social and environmental impact of the current plans
* Community land management approaches
* Conflict management strategies
* Considering negative and positive regeneration and planning practices


Clays Lane Community Centre
Clays Lane Village
Stratford Town
London, E15 2UH
How to get there:

Leyton Tube (Central line). Buses 158, 69 and 58 stop at Leyton High 
Road/Temple Mills Lane from which there is a fifteen minutes walk to 
Clays Lane from station. The 308 bus runs from/to Homerton and Clapton.


/Reaffirming / that every woman, man and child has the right to a secure 
place to live in peace and dignity, which includes the right not to be 
evicted unlawfully, arbitrarily or on a discriminatory basis from their 
home, land or community (...)

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