How to build you own Wind Turbine: Course 9-11th March

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Thu Feb 15 22:14:27 GMT 2007

I don't know whether this will interest anyone here, but I'm involved 
in running a course on self-build wind turbines on 9th-11th March at 
Hill Holt Wood in Lincolnshire.

There are 12 places on the course and over the weekend we attempt to 
complete as much of the wind turbine building process as possible and 
on the Sunday afternoon erect the turbine that we've built.

The turbine we build is to the design of Hugh Piggot of Scoraig Wind 
who developed the design for what was then called the Intermediate 
Technology Development Group, now Practical Action.

The turbine is designed so that the materials for it are possible to 
get hold of in most places around the world. The blades are carved 
from wood, the alternator is made from scratch with magnets and hand 
wound coils of copper wire set in resin and the mounting is all 
welded reclaimed steel and a reclaimed car wheel bearing.

The idea of the course is as an introduction to building your own 
turbine, as well as a chance for some hands on fun for those with a 
passing interest in wind power. Everyone will get a chance to have a 
go at each part of the building process as well as learning some of 
the theories behind wind energy and sustainability.

places are £200 including food and camping accommodation.

For more information email info at or call me (Pete) on 
07974 298356

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