Call for more access to UK coastline

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Fri Feb 16 19:16:55 GMT 2007

Pathways proposal for coastline
BBc News Online
Friday, 16 February 2007

More of England's coastline should be open to tourists and walkers, the
government is being advised.
Natural England was asked by ministers to look at the issue of access
along the 2,500 miles of coast.

It found only 50% of this land could be accessed and has said fences
should be removed and more pathways created.

However the Country Land and Business Association has said landowners
would have to be compensated and warned about safety issues along

Richard Leith, of Natural England, told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that
the group's research had shown the public had limited access of areas
behind beaches.

"So many times people try to walk along, particularly the tops of cliffs,
and find themselves squeezed between very intensive agriculture on one
side and an eroding coast with a barbed wire fence right up on the other
and at some point that path runs out entirely."

Speaking on the same programme, Douglas Charmers, of the Country Land and
Business Association, said landowners such as farmers could have their
ability to earn a living or the value of their property compromised by the

He added: "Coasts are not a safe place to walk around and we are concerned
about who will have the liability, who will be responsible if there are

The Natural England proposal is to be sent to the Department for
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the government is expected to
consult on improving coastal access later this year.

Natural England proposes legislation to improve access to England’s coastline

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