Save Radley lakes in Oxfordshire

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Fri Feb 16 22:54:03 GMT 2007

Radley Lakes, near Oxford, is going to be filled with flyash by N Power.
Thrupp lake is a nature reserve as designated by Oxfordshire County
Council, with many rare plants, insects and animals including water voles
and otters.

Local people have joined forces with ecologists and environmental
activists in a pledge to save Thrupp Lake (at Radley, near Oxford),
following a decision by Npower bosses to dump 500,000 tonnes of fly-ash on to the site. A brave bunch of squatters occupied a house adjacent to the lake for a few weeks until they were evicted 2 weeks ago.

Last weekend (Saturday 17th Feb), there was a quiet protest
march from Radley Station to the Lakes. It was a two mile or so stroll to get there. Campaigners walked through to Abingdon and get the bus

The walk will start at 1.00pm at Radley Station. Those less able to walk long distances might wish to arrange to be dropped on Thrupp Lane. We expect to be near the Lakes around 2.00pm. Others may wish to travel from Abingdon. This will be a peaceful and quiet protest. Thrupp Lake is a story of tranquillity that is being lost. It is a tale of a beautiful landscape that is being destroyed.

Further information from Andy Boddington at 
campaign at

A massive campaign by local people has been ignored by both company and
the authorities. Oxfordshire County Council has so far facilitated
Npower's dumping. The plan is to cut down over 1,000 trees so that Npower
can drain then fill the lake with 500,000 tonnes of toxic waste ash from
the nearby Didcot Power Station. The waste ash is pulverised fly-ash which
can be recycled and used in various building products such as cement and
breeze blocks. Past study found traces of many nasties including Polonium
210! Npower have already destroyed seven other lakes in the immediate

Meanwhile,  widespread injunctions are being served.
* Npower has served an injunction on the Save Radley Lakes campaign to
take down its website
* npower has served an injunction on NQO, publishers of the Oxford Mail
and Times; this appears to restrain them from taking any photographs
within a mile of the site
* The Oxford Mail reported overnight that npower has served "a
far-reaching injunction against protesters' right to demonstrate. The
injunction prevents demonstrating against the electricity company [and]
protesters are not permitted to remain on, trespass, or conduct any
demonstrations or protests within half a mile of Thrupp Lake."

Update (15/02/07): Tree felling and preparation work has started, and
sporadic actions are taking places to try to block this work. More help is
needed; phone 07986903442 for info.

Directions: Get off the train at Oxford, then catch train to Radley, takes
about 10 mins, then another 10/15 minute walk. For more info call the site
mobile on: 07772055384.


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