The Latin American Revolution defies Gravity!

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The Latin American Revolution defies Gravity!
  For 50 years or more ever since the Cuban Revolution defied all the odds when Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and a small band of rebels landed in Cuba and were all but wiped out in a sudden ambush the hope of real change in Latin America has been kindled and grown despite the opposition of the most powerful nation on Earth.
  Castro, Chavez and other leaders have been accused of dictatorship, communism and crimes against freedom and democracy by the United States leadership. It may seem like a familiar story when played out on the screens of CNN, the BBC, Fox News and all the major media... Military dictatorships in darkest South America, Juntas, strong men, oil, drug trafficing, threats to democracy and the freeworld as we know it.
  The prevailing wisdom of free market economy thrown out of Venezuelan by a power crazed ex military strong man allied to red Castro of communist Cuba. McCarthy must be stirring in his grave, Reagan uncomfortable in his corner of “heaven” but never mind, its all so far away is it not
  The US backyard is in disorder and only Colombia, Peru and Chile seem to tow the line with dubious regimes in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and signs that the virus is spreading to the likes of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Guatemala and who knows where else... This is more or less the image painted in the post Twin Towers world where the US UK axis of “sanity” is being challenged by a host of nations bent on forming their own destiny.
  Lets look at the facts. 50 years and 100s of failed plans to assasinate Fidel Castro yet he looks more likely to die of old age than US bullets or poison. Cuba has argueably one of the best, if not THE BEST health service in the world, a service that not only caters for Cubans but extends its help to people from everywhere including programs to help the poor in other Latin American countries. In Cuba there is education for all and illiteracy has been virtually wiped out. On both counts Cuba is ahead of the USA which has a health system that excludes and leaves to die all those that cannot pay. 
  Millions in the USA are lacking the most basic of education, the excluded are almost always blacks or Latinos who are second rate citizens in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Only the long standing economic block stops greater progress in Cuba but even that exclusion from world trade has not stopped the inventiveness of the Cuban people and their resistance in the face of adversity.
  Fidels ¨regime¨, “dictatorship” or whatever you want to call it seems rather resiliant to be just down to one man, has clearly evolved from the early Marxist days and the man himself has grown in stature as an intelligent and open minded statesman. Disprooving all the claims against his humanity, he has expanded the scope of his intelligence, addressing issues of planetary concern without ideological dogmas and with a level of philosophical understanding that further highlights people like Bush, Blair and co as the dimwits that they are. 
  In the game of international chess Castro has outwitted the most intelligent minds of the US intelligent services time and time again and was instrumental in forming the strategy that allowed Hugo Chavez to return to power within 3 days of a CIA planned military coup in 2002. It was Castro who persuaded Chavez not to hole up and fight to the death in the Presidential Palace of Miraflores but to give himself up in order to save lives in the knowledge that sufficient sections of the army and the mass of the people had the will to return Chavez to power. It was Castro who co-ordinated the distribution of vital information to the Venezuelan people dispersing the mainstream media lies that had told the country and the world that Chavez had resigned after the orchestrated coup based on false media information that accused the government forces of attacking unarmed Venezuelan people. Since then the evidence has been confirmed in various video documentaries that snipers secretly
 fired from tall buildings at BOTH the Chavez supporters and the opposition and later used their control of the media to select the scenes shown to give the impression that people from the ranks of the Chavez supporters had shot at the unarmed opposition marchers when they were defending themselves against ARMED POLICE FORCES acting under the orders of the Mayor of Caracas who was ANTI-CHAVEZ. Thankfully key witnesses from within the media TV companies have spoken up to confrim the manipulation used by then Venezuelan oligarchies loyal to their CIA masters.  
  Fidel Castro has found an ally who will carry the torch forward in the shape of Hugo Raphael Chavez Frias one time Lieutentant Cornel of the Venezuelan army parachute division who first came to public notice in 1992 with a failed  coup. This attempt to overthrow the government of the time, was not, however, based upon the desire for power of one man and as a result he gained widespread support among the Venezuelan poor who had initiated the unrest in 1989 when they rioted and were killed in their thousands in protest against stringent measures from the then President Perez. As the Venezuelan activists explain, the revolution does not belong to Chavez but to the people. He has only become its figurehead. 
  Chavez has gained friends the length and breadth of South and Central America with his continent wide projects to provide health and education to the poorest of the poor. In Bolivia alone the Chavez government has linked with the first Indigenous President, the “Cocalero” Evo Morales to initiate projects that have provided hundreds of tractors to Bolivian campesinos, hundreds of computers for Bolivian schools, 100 community radio stations, 30 million dollars for provincial councils, programs of education with the aim of ending illiteracy that are not only being implemented in Bolivia (“Yo si puedo” is the name of the program which means Yes I Can) and 5000 scholarships to study in Venezuelan universities. Mision Milagro (Miracle Mission) is a continent wide program carried out by the Cuban and Venezuelan health service to give free eye treatment to over 600.000 people over the next 10 years and its results have already been felt in places like Chile where the national
 government has not been able to do this for its own people despite the apparent wealth of this almost European nation. The Venezuelans have also helped Bolivia in the process of organising a new constitution formed by THE PEOPLE and not the rich as was done in Venezuela. Right Wing groups in Bolivia cite all this help with a tone of criticism. No doubt they`d be happier if things went back a few years when with military help from the USA women such as Leonilda Zurita Vargas had their children kicked to death by the jack boots of US soldiers who were carrying out the forced erradication of Coca in all Bolivia. It was due to this oppresssion and other Imperialist proyects such as the privatisation of water usage in Cochabamba when people were prohibited from even collecting rainwater by the Bolivian government in alliance with French Multinational Bechel, that the Coca growers, lead by Evo Morales, rose up and took power in the last elections. 
  (For those that don’t understand, Coca is a traditional product used for millenia by the Aymara people of Bolivia as medicine and food and in natural form is not a drug.. as they say COCA IS NOT COCAINE) 
  Thanks to the fighting spirit of the Bolivian people they have thrown out the cowardly Yankees that kill defenceless children and rape the valient Bolivian women because the demon Bush tells them to.
  Meanwhile Venezuela has spent 1.6 billion dollars on a plan to give cheap oil to other South American countries and in total has used 47.5 billion dollars in different programs that have brought help to poor people in 43 countries worldwide including Russia, China, Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Argentina and even the UK and the USA.
  This is only the tip of the iceberg but gives some idea of the scope of the Bolivarian revolution that goes beyond nationalities and borders and yet, despite all of this the US and UK governments are the leaders of the anti Chavez propaganda considering all this to be some kind of sinister attempt to win hearts and minds of people all over the world against freedom and democracy... a freedom and democracy that PREFERS to end poverty by bombing innocent people in Iraq, Afganistan, Somalia, Sudan whilst poisoning the Amazon in Colombia and through the CIA running the world drug trafficking, illegal arms trade and general attempts to destablise freely elected democratic governments wherever they appear to go against the selfish interests of the biggest powers. 
  Is it any surprise that people the world over are being persuaded by the BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION ... What would you choose, a bomb or a school? health or torture?
  In Venezuela and Cuba the people are witnessing measures that give them more freedom, not less. The most popular of Chavez´s different programs in Venezuela have been the Fishing Laws that have banned the large scale industrial trawler fishing that was finishing with the fish stock in favour of small scale local fishers who have had the sea given back to them. In the countryside agricultural reforms have given community co-operatives the right to use the unproductive lands of wealthy owners that possess but don’t use, thus increasing local food production in a fertile country where, previously, 80% of food was imported. Measures have also been taken to stop the entry of GM food and guarantee markets for the local producers. 
  In the USA there are training camps such as the infamous :School of the Americas where instead of training Latin Americans to look after their people, they train them to kill, maim and torture... methods applied in places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Colombia to name but a few in order to terrorise the population into not dabbling in Socialist ideas. Land Of The Free and Home Of The Brave.... Don`t make us laugh...... And just to mention in passing that despite their Anti Terrorist campaign the USA harbours countless right wing thugs that have “done a runner” after campaigns of terror in nearly all Latin American countries.
  Spread the good news, LATIN AMERICA is waking up, the Bolivarian Revolution is demonstrating in deeds and not pretty words that this is a true and peaceful revolution that is bringing benefits to the poor... practicing the teachings of Christ and not the Devil (like the liar, murderer and thief George W Bush), giving the people back their culture and their dignity and their voice.
  The BOLIVARIAN REVOLUTION IS A TRUE ALTERNATIVE to the FASCIST LED NEOLIBERAL GLOBALIZATION PROJECT that has the aim of dominating all the worlds resources and peoples. (Fascism, as defined by Mussolini, is the alliance of governmental and corporate power with the aim of controlling resources, production and society)  
  PS . And as the Bolivarian people themselves say here in South America “ We are not against the North American people or the Europeans, we are against their governments and the policies of the big companies”
. So take note, pack your bags and come down South America way and join the revolution by the people and for the people and if you get the chance on your way kick out Brown, Blair, Thatcher and the Queen on their big fat rich backsides. 
  Inti Ananda, Colombia.

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