Are you a Digger or a bureaucrat ???

Ian ian.stardust at
Tue Jul 17 18:40:41 BST 2007

Home ownership is just legalised squatting anyway. You worked hard on
that place. Glad you got it in the end. Time perhaps to convert that
bus of yours into a holiday cottage. "The Karelia, a holiday with a

   "George" writes:
> im more of a digger than a beureaouiieeocrat
> more of a speler than  a witcher
> but id better do my paperwork
> cos im not a squatter no more
> ive bought a house and allegedly should pay stamp duty
> within two months they say -
> Hatfield Court, Jeremy Sandfords old place...
> open for visitors sometimes..
> [g]

Bye now,

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