Allotment group lose court fight to stop housing development

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Mon Jun 25 22:26:14 BST 2007

This is really bad new as this could now set a dangerous legal precedent for 
the disposal of allotments in other parts of the country.

There are three types of allotments in the UK: statutory allotments which 
have the protection of the Allotment Act 1925, temporary allotments, and 
private allotments.

The allotments in Eastleigh are statutory allotments. Statutory allotments 
may only be disposed of with the agreement of the Secretary of State. This 
is why the Allotment holders in Eastleigh claimed the government had acted 
illegally, filing for a Judicial Review.

The local campaign are considering an appeal. Take a look at their excellent 
website, pasted below the BBC News report. TLIO might like to consider how 
it might like to respond to this.

Allotment group lose court fight
Monday, 25 June 2007
BBC News Online

Allotment holders in Hampshire have lost their High Court fight to stop 
their land from being sold for housing.

Eastleigh Borough Council wants to build hundreds of new affordable homes on 
allotment land at South Street and Monks Way.

Tenants at the two sites have been fighting the plans for five years.

Mr Justice Calvert Smith acknowledged "a looming crisis in allotment 
provision" but backed the decision to allow the land to be developed.

Charlie Hopkins, one of the allotment holders who had travelled to London 
for the judicial review challenge, said they were both surprised and 

"We're very disappointed, we're disappointed and mystified frankly, because 
the judge agreed there's a 'looming crisis' in allotment provision in 

New sites

A third allotment site, in Woodside Avenue, is also earmarked by the council 
for housing.

Tony Murrell, another campaigner, said: "I think we'd lose a hugely valuable 
site in Eastleigh.

"This is a real green oasis in the middle of a very built up area which 
people really treasure." Kevin Warren, of Eastleigh Borough Council, said he 
was pleased with the outcome of Monday's hearing.

"We hope this will draw a line under proceedings now and that we can start 
moving the allotment holders from the sites they currently occupy to the 
sites we've built around the town."

He said the council has built five new sites and was offering to help tenant 
relocate to one of them.

The allotment holders have a week to appeal against the decision. [end]

The website of Eastleigh and Bishopstoke Allotments Co-operative Association 
Ltd and the campaign to save Eastleigh’s allotments:

FROM THE WEBSITE: the Secretary of State for Communities and Local 
Government decision to grant consent for the disposal of South Street and 
Monks Way allotments significantly undermines the Government's stated intent 
to ensure that adequate protection is afforded to allotments (click on the 
following link for UK Government's Allotment Disposal Criteria):

See also: BBC News Report on 13 June on the allotments entitled
"One day all this will be multi-occupancy units":

Further info:

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