Evictions in Hampstead and the Philippines

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Fri Jun 29 19:33:59 BST 2007

Nine squatters killed thwarting eviction in Philippines
Asia-Pacific News
Jun 26, 2007, 8:39 GMT

Manila - Nine people were killed and 10 wounded when squatters fought 
off a government eviction and demolition team in the northern 
Philippines, a police report said Tuesday. 

The clash erupted Monday after armed squatters attacked a demolition 
crew sent to evict them in the upland town of Rizal in Kalinga 
province, 330 kilometres north of Manila. 

The fatalities were from the ranks of the squatters while the 10 
wounded were police officers acting as reinforcements to the 
demolition crew, which was not able to evict the illegal settlers, 
the police report said. 

Police recovered three assault rifles, three shotguns, a hand grenade 
and bullets allegedly belonging to the squatters at the end of the 
fighting late Monday. 

The squatters had occupied farmland owned by a powerful politician in 
the province, had built thatched houses on the land and had farmed 
it. The attempted eviction was conducted after the politician had 
secured a court order to evict the settlers. 

No new date had been sent to attempt the evictions and demolition 

>From the manor torn: Squatters are kicked out of £10million house
editorial at hamhigh.co.uk
29 June 2007 
Katie Davies

The mansion squatters in Hampstead Garden Suburb who made headlines 
across the world are being kicked out.

But, far from being homeless when they are evicted in mid-July, the 
group has landed a new millionaire's retreat just around the corner. 

Earlier this month, the Ham&High was first to reveal that 11 
squatters had moved into a £10million home on Ingram Avenue. 

The story became national news in this country and across Europe.

Squatter Calin explained: "The owner came to see us and said we had 
to leave. 

"He was a little evasive and said he was quite happy with us. But 
then some neighbours didn't want us here.

"I asked if that was the media coverage and he said he wasn't sure. I 
have found somewhere around the corner. Not all of us will be moving 
in there, just some.

"The new place is nicer - it is exactly what we are looking for.

"I will miss the house but more the people in it.

"It's how it goes. Nothing lasts forever and it couldn't have had a 
happy ending. 

"The reaction to us has all been positive from people. We did it 
right, kept our word and people understood our point of view so it is 

Earlier this month, the squatters gave the Ham&High a tour around the 
Ingram Avenue house, which was used on the set of movie The Upside Of 
Anger, starring Kevin Costner.

With 10 bedrooms, a swimming pool, poker room, party area and gym, it 
was a real luxury retreat for the squatters.

Owner Vertical Properties is engaged in a court battle with the 
Hampstead Garden Suburb Trust over the house's future. It wants to 
demolish and replace it with two new homes. But the trust is opposing 
the plan on conservation grounds. 

Initially neighbours and owners did not mind the squatters living on 
the road which is one of the 20 most expensive in the country.

But the coverage seems to have changed their minds.

And fearful publicity will drive them out of their new home, the 
squatters are not revealing their address this time around.

Calin said: "They didn't want us. We don't want to cause trouble - so 
that's it.

"I want to keep the new place private and live there quietly. 

"Overall, though, the publicity has been more positive than negative.

"I am working on a couple of projects with photographers and 
documentary makers. We have even had Romanian TV shooting us all day. 
These positives are much more important." 

Some of the squatters have also offered their work for property 
restoration after learning how to renovate homes through the Ingram 
Avenue pad. 

They have requested anyone with an empty property, who wants the 
squatters to move in and take care of it until it is back in use, to 
contact them via the Ham&High. 

katie.davies at hamhigh.co.uk

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