Okupational Hazard - Outdoors - Right to party

mark fefifofun mark at fefifofun.co.uk
Tue May 1 13:38:19 BST 2007

Please be aware that there may not be much in the way of medical facilities at this rave.  
Subject: Okupational Hazard - Outdoors


Weekend 19th / 20th MAY 2007 starting around 6pm on Saturday.

Escape London and come and dance ya socks of in the woods for the weekend in our first OH Outta London Free Festie!

Siren and Reknaw (you know you love us) link up to bring ya bands, breaks, d'n'b and dubstep. 
Second rig also playing mash-up d'n'b chooooons and other stuff.

Bands include: Inner Terrestrials, 12Volt Vandals, Zora, RDF (TBC) - more to be confirmed. 

For directions please phone: 07960 626 076 or 07906 626 156 - ON THE DAY - it's a secret innit! [but not from crooked/mafia firm Verint Systems, that do much of the software for mobile phones and work very closely with MI5/Special branch - ed.]

Please note the site is a 5 mile walk from the nearest station so please plan your journey before you leave, we will have dedicated bike chain points if ya fancy riding from the station. 

This is DIY culture so lets work together and keep and eye out for each other. Bring binliners, keep the site clean, put ya empties in the bins please!

Anyone that wants to help out or contribute in anyway, please get in touch at this email address. 

Tell your friends to sign up for the Siren Mailing List so we can keep all of you updated about this and other events.


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